Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn Challenge/Initiative

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Would they work?

    Not having seen the PXR yet, I’ll not comment on SC06.

    The idea is a sound one, condensing the entire T.A. recruit training into one package speeds up the time it takes to bring fresh blood into the T.A. It keeps people keen & interested instead of the protracted system it normally is & losing people due to them losing interest, it also builds team spirit, both within units & within the T.A. as a whole and all that other good stuff you see in the adverts.

    Taking advantage of the College & University Holidays, it’s also worth considering schemes for the out of work, allows for continuous, progressive training with little, or no skill fade.

    Either entire CSM(R) s or blocks of pre ATR/CIC refreshers could be run in these periods.

    As with Summer Challenge, the provision of adventure training & driver training is a reward for the effort put into training & also serves as an insight as to what the TA can offer.

    Furthering the GAPS/CMS(R) idea, MATTS,

    Teaching & testing MATTs during these periods could ease the pressure on units lacking time or instructors enabling them to concentrate on pertinent trade training, it would also centralise records with a Bde database in a central location.

    Some problems arise though as various posts have shown, so I’ll not repeat them here.

    To deliver a cycle or block of training as it stands at the moment is a huge task, manpower & resource intensive, organising accommodation, IT support, facilities etc.

    A system would have to be in place with all the resources, and support needed.

    Something akin to an ATR (V) would be a start, with a permanent cadre of admin staff and a small core of full time instructors with support from unit instructors to assist during the big pushes such as Easter, playing catch up for GAP training that for one reason or another have been missed out as just one example, as I’ve said in other posts, we, 51(S) Bde, are currently running one now, with another week to 9 days in February, or in general at the normal training cycle

    Resources such as permanent classrooms & accommodation, stores etc, an infrastructure allowing for issue & exchange of uniforms & equipment would be required.

    All this would prevent the usual 2-3 days bedding in, that most have experienced at the start of many an annual camp.

    The ATR (V) idea could be expanded on in so many other ways; potent ional JNCO cadres. Pre Brecon courses, but that’s a completely different subject.

    Comments please.

    Would you attend?
    Would you like to instruct on something like that?

    After posting this I’m off out!
  2. The "Challenge" idea sounds great.

    I have just surveyed a bunch of ex-recruits and potential recruits, asking them for feedback on the recruitment process. One consistent gripe was the delay between the "I wanna try out for the TA" flash to trained soldier bang.

    That is a problem which the introduction of the new recruit training system seems likely to make worse. The new system forces potential recruits to wait for a slot on the training programme rather than simply start training with the unit a weekend after signing up, and to guarantee their availabilty for every one of the series of specified weekends.

    It will be very interesting to see the statistics from SC06: how many applied, how many did the course, how many passed and how many are still in the TA a year later. Even more interesting to compare those stats with how many applied, etc., to the Scottish TA through the normal route and current recruit training process. But even if one is better than the other, if they are both effective generators of trained soldiers then we should try to offer both.

    I agree that there ought to be several of these a year. There have been times in my life before, during and after university but before I joined the TA when this sort of thing would have been just the ticket.

    I'd happily instruct these larval minions. Question is, in what? Laser-wearing shark husbandry? "Death Star" "Laser" gunnery? Fembot wrestling?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Stroking a pussy, I would suggest ;)


  4. Um,

    in the absence of a proper and informative PXR, it is perhaps a little premature to debate the point. We still do not know whether the VFM or CBA debate has been concluded nor whether enough of those that went through this actually stayed - how many were journeymen/money oriented/students with nothing better to do etc?.

  5. I don't think I'll ever be shown the PXR. Might as well start debating now, in the absence of any evidence at all.

    Dammit, what the hell am I thinking?

    *abandons arrse*

    *becomes defence pundit on Newsnight*
  6. ....and the reason for not being shown the PXR?

    draw your own conclusions
  7. Wouldn't it be a good idea (if it were possible) to train TA recruits together with the regulars in a similar manner to the way certain other countries do it? (i.e. USA, Australia, and doubtless others)
  8. You know I'd never be allowed to instruct that. With my reputation?

    Interior. A classroom. Day. A mixed company of students, journeymen, drunkards, jackanapes in DPM. An equal number of fembots are in the room, deactivated.* Dr Evil is reading from Pam 69.9 "Pussymanship".

    Dr Evil: ... in your own time, go on.

    The class tentatively get to work.

    Dr Evil: Remember your strokesmanship principles.

    Female recruit: Dr Evil, sir - am I doing it right?

    Dr Evil arches an eyebrow.

    * Deactivated so that they don't kill the students. Not because I have some sort of numb fembot fetish. As if. Jesus - you people!
  9. The SC 06 Thread had a visist from one of the "ones who know" who has offered the PXR. I would imagine all of the Jock units involved should also have at least one copy, so it is available now.
  10. It's a good idea but one that can only apply to a section of the TA - unless we wish it to be populated entirely by the unemployed, students and teachers. The rest are going to have to cram it in in weekends and one two week chunk a year.

    But it does point out how several well meaning changes have produced a protracted and disjointed training cycle that disconnects the recruit from their unit. Funnily enough, after joining up all keen and fresh the result of being bored senseless, never getting a sniff of what they joined up to do and being told "there's no courses until next year" is that they walk.

    Why not go back to the regime I lived through (yes, old duffer reminiscing ...) ? We accepted recruits via a selection weekend, if you got through that you were handed the dates of the pre-CMS weekends and the CMS camp. This then segued smoothly into trade training - weekends again - and hence to a sub-unit. And there were other unit activities which helped draw you into the family. The key thing though is that it was driven at unit level, not by some sausage machine that doesn't really understand the TA.
  11. I think the point FF is making is that we could deliver these "Block Training" systems two or three times a year in amongst the normal modular sylabus conducted by 51(S) Bde and all other Bdes.

    The idea is definately one which should atleast merit a though from the powers that be.

    It would in my opinion also help iradicate the stigma attached to many TA instructors by the regulars as fat lazy bar stewards. One constructive point i would have on this, however, would be to have more JNCOs teaching the Joes as certaing training centres have become top heavy with seniors!

    Having come from such a background i feel it would be much better to have a couple of young enthusiastic JNCOs amongst the DS as well as some more mature heads!
  12. Pse check the SUMMER CHALLENGE thread, you will find that the PXR has been made available on the intra-net... I am sure that even Dr Evil should be able to get access???

    As for VFM and the questions of background of the Ex SC recruit, I will cut and paste some parts of the PXR to inform the debate anon.
  13. Look forward to it.
  14. Here in my island lair, and as a TA bod to boot, I cannae (see, I've the lingo down) get access to this thing you call the intra-net. Many's the tale I've heard of the wonders of that thing. All manner of secrets in it. Sure, I could phone a friend or maybe ask the audience and get a copy of the PXR that way, but where's the mystery in that?

    Why not stick it on a public domain on ArmyNet (and tell us where it is)?
  15. I tried it today


    link doesn't work

    Intranet - pah!