Winter Sports Insurance

I was just thinking of visiting Canada with a small team (best snow ever, reportedly) and asked NAAFI for an estimate of the insurance for winter sports. They took my inside leg measurements and quoted £140 each for 10 days.

On the Internet, I found an annual insurance policy with 17 days Winter Sports cover from Axa (a reputable company, I believe) for £50 each.

As I know one doesn't find out the problems with insurance policies until you have to claim, does anyone have any experience of Axa travel policies?



Never tried AXA, however I would try Trinity insurance as well who do a lot of insurance for the military. I have used these several times, as yet I have never had to make a claim, in Austria last year when one of lads was hospitalised, all bills paid no problem plus a change of flight and taxi to the airport.

Also try who have reasonable prices.

You may like to try my company, Sandhurst Insurance Services Ltd. We are a sponsor of the Army Medical Services Ski Club and Exercise Pipedown. We are also the preferred insurance supplier to The British Biathlon Team, The Army Winter Sports Association, The Army Snowboard Association, The RLC Ski Championships and the REME Ski Championships.

We arranged cover for around 90% of the teams competing at corps and divisional championships this season and we are currently providing the cover for the British Army Ski Team at the Interservice Championships.

Until you have tried us you will no idea as to what flexibility with insurance is about and how we believe soldiers should be treated compared to our competitors. Our policies are designed by soldiers who know what is required rather than by a civilian without a clue. Let me know how many references you would like.

I would also mention that we do a very nice line in adventurous training insurance.

Please call me on 020-8542-4384 or visit our website

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