Winter sleeping bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yorkshire_Warrior, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Any suggestions for a winter sleeping bag?

    I currently have the snugpack softie 6 and is good for summer/autum. But after a warmer one for winter that withstand otterburn/brecon etcin winter, unlike the issued one that is warm but takes up the whole of your bergan!!

  2. try a softie 12
  3. This is everso slightly odd, but I'm sure it will suit someone.

    Check out the Selk bag, you will need to download the product PDF to see the military version.
  4. the issue bag is great for winter. But the sleeping in a bivi bag fills your bergan loads too much.

    have you thought about getting a linner for your softie 6? snugpak make a black one which really works well, i used my softie 3 with it in november and was warm enough. its pain in the arse to get in and out though.
  5. I've got a Mountain Equipment Sleepwalker II which I haven't yet been cold in. It's also got plenty of vents, baffles, drawstrings and whatnot for altering the insulation. Which is essential in a very warm bag if you don't want to sweat your tits off whenever you sleep somewhere that isn't at -5.
    They make a sleepwalker III as well if you want something even warmer.
  6. The sungpak hawk 9 is also very good
  7. I suppose it would make standing to a lot easier...and a darn sight more comfortable.
  8. Yeah but you'd look like Mr Stay puft from Ghost busters