Winter sleeping bag

Any suggestions for a winter sleeping bag?

I currently have the snugpack softie 6 and is good for summer/autum. But after a warmer one for winter that withstand otterburn/brecon etcin winter, unlike the issued one that is warm but takes up the whole of your bergan!!

the issue bag is great for winter. But the sleeping in a bivi bag fills your bergan loads too much.

have you thought about getting a linner for your softie 6? snugpak make a black one which really works well, i used my softie 3 with it in november and was warm enough. its pain in the arse to get in and out though.
I've got a Mountain Equipment Sleepwalker II which I haven't yet been cold in. It's also got plenty of vents, baffles, drawstrings and whatnot for altering the insulation. Which is essential in a very warm bag if you don't want to sweat your tits off whenever you sleep somewhere that isn't at -5.
They make a sleepwalker III as well if you want something even warmer.

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