Winter RV 2005

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DI_Jack_Roach, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. It is getting close to that time and the planning for this years Winter RV needs to get sorted. Think that we could all do with a break from London - too expensive and too many lap dancing bars - you know who you are!

    Perhaps a trip abroad this year....

    How about Cardiff - plenty of women, plenty of bars, very trendy and some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. Am happy to look for hotels etc and sort out some prices.

    Same rules apply each year.... no women.... no knobs.

    The N and B list is still in force - if you dont know what that is you cant come.

    Suggestions please.......
  2. or even ashford????? flatties is now called m20 as far as i am aware -- ah those imaginative people of kent
  3. "The N and B list is still in force - if you dont know what that is you cant come."

    In the good old Int Corps tradition of I have a secret and I 'm not going to tell anyone else, because it makes me special.

    Get/hire a girlfriend!
  4. those who know know
  5. Well, it doesn't sound very friendly or welcoming. I think I'll stay at home with a cup of tea you miserable bunch of sods.:eek:
  6. DI Jack Roach ... is list in the best tradition of our inteligence services ... The Russians knew as soon as it was typed (Typist worked for them) the Chinese knew as soon as they slept with one of your muckers ? :p

    Have a good RV
  7. [​IMG]

    Wasn't he after some silly secret list as well?
  8. one of things that won't be missed when you leave the corps... knobs like that :)

    and cardiff isn't abroad. c0ck.
  9. Jack, i see you have stirred a hornets nest with your post. But ill see you there, cus i know you are not a knob. We may well be the only two though judging by how upset you have made people, you really are a nasty individual.
  10. Apparently I am an image thief, oh dear.8O
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think more accurately an 'image-snaffling thief' :D

    Well, that's completely changed my opinion of you! Is a change of circumstance report merited? :lol:
  12. I think it must be. I have been a very naughty boy.:oops:
  13. I'll have to throw in my tuppence here too, and pledge my support for Jack who is definately not a knob. I'd like to make it but not sure if I won't be elsewhere unfortunately.
  14. cheers for the support fellas..... never knew i could make so many enemies so quickly without actually meeting them! the whole rv thing aint that secretive and has been running for some years now.... we all know of people who we would rather not socialise with (in the nicest possible way) and the rv manages to get some of the true characters of the int corps together in one place at the same time with the same aim .... keeping like minds together for the rv has worked in the past and hopefully will keep working in the future. anyone who has been to one will know what they are like......
  15. Jack, you too have my support. Is it the first Sat after we break up for Xmas?? ie 17th??