Winter running... how are you guys coping?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Its snowing in Scotland. I am due back there on Wednesday and I need to get some serious running done in the next two months (AOSB(B) in March). I have just recovered from an injury and my fitness has really suffered, so time off is not an option.

    Is the only answer to hit the treadmill? If its anything like last winter the blackice is going to make road running near impossible especialy with the hilly terrain.

    I am thinking burpees in the back garden and treadmill running when I can. I am also a member of Britmil fit so will make good use of it, but I am seriously bricking it with regards to my running times. I have to knock a good minute and a half off my BFT time if I am going to not look like an idiot come march.

  2. It was snowing a bit this evening when I went out, it's cold enough but I just stick on a wooly hat, hoody, couple tshirts and plow on.

    I guess a treadmill might be good for a couple weeks till you get used to running. Don't strain yourself! I'm at the briefing end of March (if I can get these facking forms filled in).

  3. I am heavily cross training at the moment due to a niggle in the shin, should be back on the roads next week though.

    JayCam, what injury did you have?
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I went to Portugal on Holiday. Nice and warm there!
  5. The only real problem is snow and ice, because of the potential for injury. Cold, wind and rain are not acceptable reasons for missing a run, unless they are at Hurricane Katrina levels.

    I ran 8 miles on Wednesday, when it was cold but not icey. With the heavy snow, I've changed my routine slightly; two heavy weights sessions today and Friday. By Saturday, the snow/ice will have melted and I'll get back to Running.

    When there has been no other option, I HAVE ran through snow and ice. But I always try and avoid it whenever possible. Torn ankle ligaments or Achilles tendons are no fcuking fun at all. Trust me. I was that soldier.

    Make sure you have good running kit, preferably Gore-Tex. Buy from a specialised running shop. They always have the best gear. The same goes for shoes, of course.

    Snow in Scotland tends to melt fairly quickly, so you should be able to work around it.

    Good luck! :D
  6. bitterly cold here in kent.

    After 2 weeks on the piss, cigars etc, now back at work. I did my normal 5 mile route in 43.16 and 42.45 over the last 2 days ( I can do it in 39) ;which considering i am 37 and getting a bit tubby (but trying to burn it off) I am still pleased with..............

    Just do it etc
  7. I'm going to be in a world of pain when I get back to regular PT sessions...
  8. Fine - as its bloody boiling here in brunei, bit wet at times, no snow and cold here - aint 'alf hot mum all year round..... shoulders back lovely boy.... shoulders back
  9. TBH, crap in Cyprus :wink:
  10. Ok Ok.

    But will have a quick run along the beach of the gold coast in 2 weeks time!
  11. The South downs are a bit if a bugger right now thanks to to the rain, tractors using the tracks and the horse riders finishing off any speck of usable ground left, so its one step forward and three sideways.

    I just try to run when i can and when i'm forced to walk just speed march until i can run again, its still a very hilly 70 odd mintes so i guess every little helps at my age.. :wink:

    I found that these trainers were pretty good compared to a lot dearer ones i have tried in the past so as other people have suggested having some good gear helps..

    "UK Gear XC09 X-Country Trainer" I picked them up here they seemed to be the cheapest place about when i git mine, very helpful staff as well..
  12. Ice and snow been here for the last 6 weeks and will remain until April, so everything has to be done in the gym.

    And after a month of pigging out i can feel them extra pounds hurting. Looks like bread and water for a while.
  13. A fairly minor back thing. Chiropractor and abs training basicly sorted it but still getting a few problems. Anyway, I can run properly again, which is good!

  14. Just be careful not to overdo it at first. Take it easy for the first few runs, increase your distance/pace methodically rather than trying for a PB first time back.

    Doing too much, too soon is counter-productive.
  15. Late February 2006 I was out running after snowfall. Generally it was fine, I managed 3 miles with only one minor slip and was feeling good about things (it was about 2200, after work). Anyway, I ended up slipping on black ice 200m from home and had to make a snap decision between inserting my head into a van or landing with all my weight on one knee. The subsequent split kneecap which then opened up 1 month later running a half marathon taught me a painful lesson about poor weather running.