Winter mountaineering boot insoles

Right then. As winter seems to be on it's way I'm thinking about my winter kit for a trip to scotland this season.

The boots I have are Scarpa Vega HAs I'm looking to replace the factory insole as they are generally crap. In all my boots I've always used Sorbothanes.
I am however, tempted by the offerin SOLE has with it's mouldable insole. Can any body offer any advice on advantages of either?

I know it boils down to person oppinion and feel at the end of the day, but any previous experience with these or any others would be apreciated.

Cheers! CC
Why change what works for you already? Admittedlly I have sorbs in my newly purchased Nepal Extremes which have yet to be used in anger.

I also use sorbs in my running shoes and my black boots.

Have you done much winter stuff before? This is my first real season on it and I am waiting for Wales to freeze over!
It's the whole situation of One thing is fine, but the other could be better, it could equally be worse though...
I have done a week of scottish winter a couple of years ago as part of a course I was doing, had a couple years of very little mountain time full stop, now getting back out there!!
Me and a few mates are heading up over xmas in the hope there's some white stuff about!

Unforunately although I have used and abused sorbothanes with near as damn it 100% success in summer mountain conductions and when in green kit I've never tried them in winter conditions. Hence wondering what is likely to work well in fully ridged boots... my ski boots have got orange supafeet footbeds in them (after an argument about sortbothanes with the 'expert' in the shop!) so my other option is to give them a go in the winter boots


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If you're using the Heat moulded Sole Insoles they are very good, I've used a pair in my cycling shoes and they keep the foot rigid. Not used them in boots though.
In my rigid winter boots I use the Svartz insole (by Altberg), there are two types depending if your foot is supinating or pronating. i did a review here
I use orange sof soles in my nepal extremes (though they dont make them anymore, probably comparable to these Sof Sole: The Sole of Performance - Quality Insoles and Orthotics). The guy is the shop thought they were too thick and suggested blue superfeet, but after trying both I found the thicker soles much better, as the reduction in volume reduces heel lift and the extra cushioning helps as the boots themselves dont have any impact absorption. Also I over pronate badly and really need the extra support.
Anyhow, the lesson learnt is that you probably know by now what works for your feet, so if that fits in your boots go with it, but be prepared to try a few different combinations. Take any advice from other experts with a pinch of salt, as anyone else only really know what works for them (I'm guessing from your "argument" about ski boots you've realised this already).
The sole ones do sound pretty good. I like the idea that they are kind of a step between the Sorbothanes and a full blown custom insole.
Might try and find a local shop that stocks both to see if I can get a feel for both and compare them or any others a shop has.

Yea, said 'expert' boot fitter tried to tell me Sorbothanes are just a sales gimic and have no effect what so ever against a factory stock insole...

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