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Winter - Is the car ready?

There has been mention of snow chains. Most of you know they are heavy and when needing to be used, very cold and heavy! They will also be tangled into a right bunch of bastards, no matter how carefully they were stowed away!

Despite living in sunny southern Spain, I'm less than an hour away from a ski resort (yes, really!). If driving up the road to it after snow has fallen, the Guardia Civil can and do stop vehicles to see if they are carrying (mandatory at or above the snow line) snow chains. If not, they are turned back.

Now to the point - there is an alternative. They are fabric wheel cover things, dead light and take about 20 seconds to put on. Mine are called 'Easy Sock' or 'Snow Sock' or something. They take up the space of a rolled up towel and will stay in the boot in the spare-wheel well forever - or until The Guardia ask to see them!
My personal opinion is that snow chains are tad overkill for the OP, seeing as he's talking about the M23. I guess a set of Snow Socks (available from Halfords) might be handy on the off chance his daughter ventures up Box Hill.


Fkin ell,

I have a blanket, ice scraper, de-icer, screenwash, phone charger and some spare fuel in the boot.

Spare tyre + long-ish breaker bar and proper 17mm deep socket from halfords, plus the jack etc..

Never needed anything more and i commute through the countryside often.

Milk powder ffs? At least get some squeezey condensed and stop being a cheap barsteward


I add to that a garden spade, and a broom with a cut down handle for getting snow of the roof. And my Jack is a small trolley jack as I don't trust, bottle, diamond, L, or scissor in the dry, never mind on icy roads and my tyre spanner is a breaker bar and socket after the embarrassment of having to phone the AA because I couldn't crack the wheelnuts one time.
My tyre changing breaker bar for my van is one metre long. I don't think it will be needed, but I also carry three feet of scaffolding pole, just in case.


I stick some warm clothes in the boot (they'll warm up soon enough). A small tub of grit & a jetboil & brewkit with a Thermos of water (unlikely to freeze) for winter.

That'll do for Cambridgeshire and has done for the 20 years we've lived here....

If it's sh1te outside I'll just Work From Home in my PJs.
The wife's car just failed it's MOT in a big, sort of scrap it way. She starts her new job on Wednesday, so I have until Tuesday to sort a replacement, with only 500 quid!

So, no, the car is not fecking ready for winter.

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Edited due to auto correct
forgot to mention the red cyalumes - keep a couple in the glovebox as im often in the Alps,
for chucking back up the road to let people know somethings around The corner if I fail to progress In poor conditions.
2 Hi Viz vests*, 2 Triangles ,1st aid kit ,Breathalyser** good condition spare Wheel
That's the legally mandated kit

If im going a long distance - then I may chuck in a sleeping bag - cook kit and tinned scran + warm clothes.

Snow chains if im going somewhere they are required.

Landy has a more substantial kit in it - but im more likely to find trouble in that*** / be requested to assist others than the clio.
Washer bottle topped of with the cheapest foulest vodka availible

* 3rd in my work kit if that's in the car
**A hangover (snigger) from that great unworkable idea

***Ooh that looks dodgy id best stop / turn around (Car) Vs Ooh that dodgy- but not yet unsafe ill try to push through (Landy)
Low visibility conditions as the primary. However if all else fails, it can’t fall into enemy hands. Least we turn this into a U-571 tale...
A "U-571 tale", that's where the adventure happens to someone else but you go around telling people that it was you who did it, right?


I would be happy if I could get the screen wash to work.... any ideas? Also get a decent Jack and replacement for the spanner for the wheel nuts.

No winter kit as such but I carry sensible things just in case.


Low temp screenwash - vodka.

The damn thing will not spray even thought I can hear the pump. At least rain would wash the screen. Think I will have another go at trying to figure it out tomorrow.
The damn thing will not spray even thought I can hear the pump. At least rain would wash the screen. Think I will have another go at trying to figure it out tomorrow.
Make sure the nozzle isn't plugged. Also make sure the hoses haven't become disconnected at any point.



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