winter in scotland kit needed

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by brighton hippy, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. off for playing in the snow next febuary just a quick question do you really need a duvet jacket in scotland?
    got buffalo and a fleece good set wetproots decent boots crampons thingys and an ice axe themals etc
  2. All you require for a fine Scottish Febuary, is 1 x Pr Bermudas, 1 x Loud patterned Short sleeved shirt, 1 x Pr Sandals(not leather :roll: ) & a baseball cap. :lol:

  3. You will need the duvet jacket for posing in "outdoorsmens" bars as there will be no snow on the mountains :lol:
  4. Gore tex. Acres of it as it will be wet.

    And midge repellent, even in Feb.

    And Scot repellent - you may meet one or two (between the endless colonials....)

  5. In Scotland on a skiing trip. :roll: It'll be full of fecking foriegn types talking Pi$h at Rothiemurchus Lodge. :wink:

    There'll be bugger all snow though.
    Better get the Quarty to put in an indent for some white powdery stuff. :lol:
  6. you forgot the snorkel, flippers and goggles sweaty sock
  7. No you only wear them in the season (March>June) Up here. Otherwise the locals get upset(do'nt mention deliverance :cry: )
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There are plentyof kilt hire shops - no need for all this new fangled survival stuff.
  9. Kilt. No pants. T shirt. No shoes. Lump of Scotch beef in sporran with small nip and some oatmeal. That is it.

    Oh and the entire contents of the kitbag we were issued with for the Falklands in 82 with furry hats, artic socks, wellies etc! I live in the Highlands and February is actually quite nice - usually snows like mad mid Feb though!
  10. so just cold and wet like the rest of the Uk
    how the fck do mideges live in febuary?
  11. They hide up certain unwashed peoples' kilts until the spring.......
  12. Don't take down gear to Scotland. It'll get wet, then it has all the insulating capabilities of wet bog roll. Like someone said above its just for posing around the pubs so the locals know whos fair game for a hiding.
  13. I'll just steal borrow woodys nice softie suit instead then :twisted:
  14. It can get seriously cold in Scotland, even in sheltered locations you may be subject to katabatic winds. Even without calculating windchill, I've known it go down to -22.
    You should be ok with the buffalo + fleece + goretex, but to be on the safe side, invest in some good thermals. I've got the Helly Hansen "Antarctica" range, the long sleeve vest under just a sweatshirt will keep you warm in an English winter (+5)
    Dont forget your hat, scarf and gloves. Basically, the more flesh you keep covered, the less kit you'll need to wear overall.