Winter climbing...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Anyone up for some winter climbing in the North East of Scotland?

    Looking to make a few treks up to lochnagar and the Northern Corries this season, so always looking for like minded people to join me.

    Let me inspire you by showing you what you are missing!


    Ps, i've been up that one and it was a walk in the park :thumleft:
  2. I take it from the lack of replies, that no one (so far) has the desire to freeze their nuts off whilst hanging precariously from a few peices of metal and rock?
  3. AS,

    It's a very long way to go just to spend a few hours "freezing my nuts off hanging from a few pieces of metal and rock" when I can sit here freezing my nuts off because the heating failed over the weekend and the QM didn't want to pay for the call-out charge....!

    But thanks for the offer.

  4. Cant think why
  5. The offer is always open guys.

    You really would be surprised how 'interesting' it can be hanging on for dear life to a frozen rockface in gale force winds :meditate:
  6. Interesting is not a term I would have used, but there you go
  7. Seems all everyone is interested in on this board, is that ball game for the riff raff, known as football :frustrated:

    Expand your horizons guys.

    The world does not revolve around Rooney's latest temper tantrum, or Drogba's latest dive. :yawnstretch:
  8. climbing in scotland? in the winter??


    you could go to Tenerife for 99 squids for a week - and its no so chilly aroond the ....!
  9. Nothing quite as refreshing as being frozen , only to be warmed from the inside by a quick mouthful of a strong, mature and peaty highlander...

    Single malt obviously! :thumright:
  10. Thing is mate if you live in the south of England its just as much hassle to get out to the Alps. I'm a bit threaders with driving for 9 hours to be confronted by warm weather and drizzle. Off to Cham this weekend for $30 courtesy of sleazyjet.

    Might get some time off for good behaviour in Feb and I'd love a trip to the cairngorms. I'll PM you next week.

  11. Cool.

    Only prob is that at this time, t'weather seems to have warmed up, and a lot of the snow is disappearing rapidly :frustrated:

    Keeping my eyes on the snow reports and weather forecasts!
  12. I have one of my own thanks! T'was in Glencoe for Hogmanay.
    NO SNOW!!!

    I would but

    a) Can't get leave from Civvie job
    b) Boyf might get jealous
    c) You could be grooming me
    d) You could lure me up there only to harvest my internal organs for ritual human sacrifice and your shamanic potions
    e) I'm an unfit fat fcuk

    Thanks for asking though!
  13. Damn, rumbled again! :shakefist:

    Was in Glencoe at the weekend past, and there was snow on the tops, but not a great deal. Was to warm and wet, and the snow is dissapearing rapidly :pissedoff: