Winter Challenge?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by emobug, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Apprapo of something that was mentioned in the CMSR thread, does any body know if Winter Challenges are being run this year, particularly in the London district area? Nothing's come up elsewhere on t'internet.

    Just curious really...


  2. Interesting you just said that as I was asked last tues if I wanted to do a week in Nov at the RTC, but I didn't have an opputinity to find out what it was
  3. Hmm, what area are you?

    Basically I'm going to have miss my RTC W/e 5 & 6 because of civvi commitments, so would be keen to condense them if poss rather than having to wait ages to go in to the next troop.
  4. Don't know if its called Winter Challenge but there's the opportunity for primarily infantry recruits to do a 2 week course in lieu of 9 weekends. It's at Malta Barracks, Aldershot and the next one commences on the 17th Oct.
  5. AFAIK Our WC09 is cancelled, due to the complete and utter waste of time WC08 was.
  6. The 2 week 1A&B cadre (15 days Inf, 9 days Non Inf) at Malta barracks is certainly programmed to start on Saturday 18th October
  7. Bugger!

    I'm going away on the 25th, so won't be able do do this either. Does anyone know if that's it for the autumn / winter?

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your recruit training team, they may be able to load you onto those weekends in another Bde area.

  9. You should only have to wait 1 month for the next weekend 5 to come around...unlike WE7 - 9 which is a longer wait if you miss it.