Winter batteries and Optimate.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by biohazardboots, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Are optimates worth the money or taking the battery out for winter storage from bikes the better option. These days i'm more of a fair weather rider during the winter months although normally around Fed the need to ride usually gets the thermals out. Replacing the battery only take s a few minutes but a friend swears by his optimate for time saving (!) and condioning the battery. Any thoughts?
  2. I bit the bullet and got an Odyssey battery for my Lemon, they keep their charge brilliantly- even better in the cold- and they've got plenty of cranking power if you've got a heavy motor to turn over.
  3. I must get my eyes tested, I thought that said 'opiates'. As in 'why the hell would you put skag in a battery'.

    Anyhoo. IIRC optimates are about £50, how much riding do you do and how much is a new battry anyway? I had one of those solar panels connected and if I ran it every so often it seemed fine, cheaper from Maplins as well. Just a thought.
  4. Optimates do the job well i think. The best option is to attach a lead to your battery and then attach the optimate while the battery is still on your bike.
    I have two bikes and the Optimate has notlet me down yet.
    Safe riding over winter :)
  5. As i only have one power source in the garage i would need to rearrange the place so the the bikes were both nearer. At the moment the batteries or on the shelf and are put on charge in the kitchen the day before im going out. As for cost i replaced my Honda last year at a cost of @£40 and my other bike is a 2010 so the battery is still very strong. I think that it's just another bit of kit in an ever more crowded man cave.
  6. worth the money.
    If your battery is sat in an unused bike over the winter months, your battery will lose its charge very quickly. And if you have an alarm on your bike then the battery flattens even quicker.

    Bike batteries need to trickle charged if not used. The batteries dont like the cold and alarms

    There are other brands of trickle charger than optimate. I think oxford sells one too. around £40 -£50 mark. How much is a new battery £65???? ish?

    Me? I have to take my battery off my bike to trickle charge because my garage is away from my house.

    I'm thinking of getting a solar trickle charger. maplins sell them for £20
  7. I ride all year round and still use an Optimate. Because I have to unbolt the seat to get to the battery and then undo the tank bolt to remove the battery (Triumph Sprint ST 1050) I have the provided lead fitted to the battery and the connector simple sits just indie the plastic, two second to connect and disconnect. I have also fitted extra power points in the garage so it can be left on.

    So because my bike can be a bitch to start from cold and the battery is a shit to get at, the Optimate is worth every penny.
  8. Agree R-G. I have a Triumph Tiger 1050. Those triples take a lot of cranking power.
  9. My other bike is a Tiger 1050 so looks like some form of trickle charging is in order although a couple of posts have mentioned solar. I have a free loader solar charger for " out and about" but seems to take forever to charge a battery so something for a bike seems inefficient unless you live in a sunny location - East Anglia isnt!

  10. A solar unit is not going to cut it when you park the bike up in a garage or a dark place like East Anglia.
    It's Christmas, treat yourself ;-)
  11. Ah those satanic plains of Essex!

    Yep a little surfing for a deal or the sales looks like the order of the day. Thanks all.
  12. I just bought a cheapy one from argos for about 16 quid when the thruxton wouldn't start and have had no problems ever since if I'd not been in urgent need and me being tight I would've bought a more upmarket option,but then it's doing exactly the same job at half the price.
  13. I've got an 07 GSXR thou, have that in the garage on an optimate, never had a problem with it, its a worthy buy mate.
  14. Yep definitely worth the money, my v-twin is a killer of batteries so always keep mine on charge over the winter! I made the mistake of using a halfords charger for my last tour as couldn't find the optimate and it trashed my battery so buy cheap, buy twice. And a new battery!
  15. My '07 Bonneville T100 has had an Optimate since it was new. I have taken batteries off my bikes and kept them in the kitchen in the warm, after charging, and then put them back on around March but nothing beats the Optimate. Once you have it it will last for years. Makes a good Christmas present too.