Winter AId

Just for the record, I found this:

And I seem to have done quite well, but see one problem with the answer sheet. It does not take into account fuel supplies for convoy. Can anyone please take a decent look at this and see why this is, because I see that taking the cratered path means you run out of fuel nice and fast...yet it is the recommended route.

Oh, and say this were the AOSB (Ok, its not in the right topic, but hell) paper, would you HAVE to have chosen the perfect option to do well? 'cos I kinda chose the second best option.

I just finished AOSB briefing and my planex wasn't the greatest, in fact I missed one vital point and so a couple of my aims were completely wrong. In the debrief afterwards I was told that as long as you make a good plan and can justify your reasons thats ok. Not getting every factor down shouldnt hurt too much, although obviously the more the better.
Just make sure you've got a good map with correct timings and your speed/distance/time mental maths is good and you'll do well :)

Just done my main board and there is no right option as long as you consider the important factors achieve your major aims its ok, though you must be able to justify why you chose that route.
The answer sheet I have does take into account the fuel but I am still very sure something is not right. I have looked at the calculations over and over again and something does not add up. Also, the solution does not seem to account for fuel used on the first leg...

Anyway, specifics aside it was good practice for the principles. Anybody know where any more of these practice examples can be found? I have tried the usual google 'planning exercises' but found nothing useful. I have also trawled these pages and PMed various characters but keep thinking there must be some more on the net somewhere!


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