Winston Samuels - murdered in Jamaica

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The story has appeared in the folks' local paper for two weeks running now.
The full print edition of the article mentions he served, but does not name his Regiment.
''The enigmatic former servicemen served at Winston Churchill's funeral when he was 21 years old''.

His second wife Angela was a local, and he lived in Antrim town for a long time, running a tv repair shop; he also played drums and sang in Jimmy Johnston's Show Band.
Her family, McKinley's, had run The Trocadero Club in Belfast.
Seems to have made a bad decision in returning to Jamaica, opening the Irish Rover Bar at St Ann in 2008.
It is not clear from reports if he was still in by the time of Op Banner.

'Loving grandfather' who lived in Ireland for more than 50 years murdered in Jamaica gun attack -

Antrim Guardian - News - Former Antrim man shot dead in Jamaica

Antrim Guardian - News - Sam’s brutal murder has shocked Antrim

Last one most informative:
''He was found shot to death on the rear seat of his car with his hands and feet bound.
Among those questions and theories being put forward is whether the murder was a hit. There are also questions about whether it was related to business dealings of Mr Samuels who reportedly returned to Jamaica recently from Ireland.''
Scanned photo from Antrim Guardian of this man in uniform, supposedly at Churchill's funeral; hopefully it comes out (on pdf)


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