Winston Churchill and his Tommy Gun

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ging-gwar, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. I really like the pic of Churchill and his tommy gun -the Nazis used it as propaganda in WW2. Any other thoughts about this pic?
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Just a shame he is holding an American SMG, shame it wasn't a Sten, good piccy though
  3. The germans called him 'a gangster' and likend him to Al Capone.
  4. That picture of Churchill with the Tommy gun kicks ass. We need more men like him now, in the USA. Ol' Dubya is close, though. But, i have always admired Churchill, he was THE MAN!!
  5. Good-heavens!
    I've just laughed my breakfast up all over the keyboard. Were you HONESTLY comparing Mr Churchill to Mr Bush?????

    What sort of fool are you?

    Churchill) Fought real soldiers, made a heroic ascape from an enemy prison in Africa, son of a lord, saved the civilised world from a barbaric government.

    Bush) Withdrew from Kyoto agreement, Started a war, never found any WMD, got too many of our chaps killed. Has this really cool idea that bombing civvies is OK. (Brit units included in the civvie category :? ).

    ...i'm awfully sorry to put the cat among the pidgeons here but i'm not sure that more than four people in the world truly believe that Bush is even comparable to Churchill....discuss
  6. It must be said, in Bush's defence, that he is rather better than the war-dodging, dope-smoking, womanising twat who preceded him. :D
  7. Yeah, but the saxaphone is cool...dead civvies aren't.
  8. Mr Churchills speaches put goosepimples on my neck -Mr Bush makes me change channel out of embarrisment
  9. Hey when it comes to body counts i think bush got long way to match churchill records . Dardenelles anyone dieppe Carpet Bombing germany
    he was all for using anthrax on the krauts .
    Came up with lots of crap ideas, apart, from saving the free world and he did it pissed top bloke bush tee total and still fouls up no comparison
    fought afrkainers (even librals have to like him for that one)
    defeated hitler
    did it very drunk
    Bush sober ( allways a bad sign )
    dodgy busniess deals
    dodgy election
    two wars neither over yet ask same question in 10 years he might still
    pull it off
  10. Err...yes, granted...lots of dead WW2 civvies.

    However the axis and Allies were both bombing hugely on each side, both killed a lot on the other side.

    It's rather more one-sided in Iraq, the Iraqi's hadn't killed any americans but the americans are killing a fair few of them!

    Dosen't seem quite so fair when you started it yourself. Enought of the poor chaps dies under Saddam, not reason to kill more.
  11. All political careers in democracy end in failure you get voted out .Only years later can you be seen as heroic politician and then only over certain parts of your career like mageret thatcher . Winning falklands good
    poll tax bad . Bush has long way to go lets see if he gets 2nd term
    sort out wars first then compare
  12. i'll be dead and gone before they sort this mess out, it's a problem for my yet-unborn children to grapple with in the distant future.

    That is, of course, if Mister Bush or a future equivalent dosen't realise there are lots of terrorists in England's green and pleasant land too and decide to vaporize it.

    ...seems like a waste, it's quite nice here.
  13. No man is perfect. The Gallipoli campaign was Winston's idea. What can be said is commeth the hour commeth the man. We rediscovered Churchill in 1940 and let's face it. There are a lot worse people than Geo W Bush Esq to have in the white house. They wan't to elect Hillary Clinton for heaven's sake. (Will that make Bill first man or just Prize Member)
  14. ...ok, there are worse people to have, but there really aren't many.
    Rather Clinton or Gore any day!
  15. At the end of the day Bush was looking for someone to fight after 911.

    Funny how the americans only wanted to fight then.

    We have fought the IRA for years before with no help (Not Needed).

    Until it happens to them or effect there economy they do not want to know.

    Only when the shit hits the fan they come running to us.

    Yes we lost Brits in 911 but only that get noticed when they loose few thousand of theirs.

    Remeber WWI & II, thay sat on the fence for a good time did they not? :x