Winston Churchill - a warmonger and pervert ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dunstaggin, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. After all these years, is Churchill still an icon ?

    We all know about his drinking and his exhibitionism. Blimey, would you like to see Churchill wobbling his willie at you ?

    Apparently, he was so 'upper class' that he could not even draw a bath !
  2. And your point is??

    I take it you are either German or French?
  3. Whilst I couldn't speak for his nationality some of his past screeds do seem to point towards him being an anti-semite and a conspiracy-mong. If he keeps up like this I see an O2Thief tag in his future fairly rapidly.
  4. Top bloke as far as I am concerned, and you will have difficulty persuading me otherwise.

    Did he get a few blokes killed? Yes, as do all senior commanders.

    He hateded war but did what needed to be done when it was forced upon him. "Better to jaw, jaw, jaw than war, war,war" A quotation of his.

    Controversial? of course he was as anyone running affairs of State must be.

    As for his drinking, probably no more than many of us and he always drank good quality booze which has less deletorious effect upon the body and mind.

    As for having a butler to draw his bath, he was a man of his time and class, and you are attempting to judge him outside of that framwork.

    He served with distinction in several actions and was well thought of by his men.

    Undoubtedly you will attract others with your view of him and the whole bunch of you would not be fit to polish his boots.
  5. Blair - Brown - Churchill work out for yourself who you would rather have.
  6. And... :roll:

    For his foibles and who does not have them he was without doubt a leader who was able to lead us through one of the greatest challenges to this country.

    While it is always of interest, to look back and study history and the individual your choice of post title and questions are somewhat light on point ' in fact one might feel that you were going for a Tom Newton Dunn scoop being this is the current affairs subforum :roll:
  7. Apparently, dunstaggin has pictures of little boys bottoms on his laptop
  8. Funny that you've not bothered to do any research on a man you are so quick to malign. Churchill was a very competent bricklayer so I should imagine he knew how to put a bit of water in a bath. He had also served as both a soldier and a war correspondant in South Africa at the beginning of the 20th century so I think we can safely say (particularly as he was also a POW) that he knew how to rough it.

    I've read your drivel on here, you can spout your rubbish because Churchill organised and steered this Nation to win for you the right to do so in a free country.

    To me: Churchill = possibly the greatest Briton ever, certainly of the modern era. Dunstaggin = vermin of the worst kind. I sincerely hope you didn't serve but if you did and spouted your hatred, that you were shown the door in double time.
  9. And you have proved yourself to be a mong of the 1st class, as a man who has not a clue about Churchill. Obviously someone who never served, nor went to school. As this will go to the Naafi soon, i will not put what i really want to say about you in here, but your a c*ck and hopefully will die,painfully.
  10. The point is young Kipper, that Old Winnie helped crush the Boche and for a few decades thereafter, we had postings where you could get tax free fags, booze and cars.

    Admittedly, you had to live amongst the Hun, but at least they were clean.
  11. Churchill should be an inspiration to all leaders, Military and Political. After the nightmare at Gallipoli, he went to the Western Front as a Soldier once again. Whilst being cleared of any blame, he took a personal responsibility for his actions. Tell me what Politician would do that today.

    The man is quite possibly the Greatest example of an Englishman.
  12. Winston- The greatest ever Englishmen..... apart from me and the bloke who invented school chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce (Although I suspect he wasn't English)

    Winston Churchill a warmonger? Correct me if my history is a little hazy, but wasn't Britain and most of the globe, apart from the septics at war when he came to office? Didn't he then lead us to victory of the bosch? Did we then show our gratitude by hoofing him out?

    The poster of the original post should be lowered into a 45gallon drum full of British Bulldog slavver and drowned until almost dead, then drowned.
  13. Dunstaggin,
    Do you have any 'proof' of your wild allegations? Or are you just trying to be a bit of a provocative fecker?
    Either way,you are a total c0ck.
  14. Read the Roy Jenkins bography of Churchill. Even mongs like the thread poster wold be impressed by the sheer span of events that he was involved in and the array of talents that he displayed.
  15. OT tag for the mong over please.