Winston Blackmore (Jammy bstrd)



Winston Blackmore is a bloke who has twenty wives and eighty kids.
He is a mormon(no I said mormon). So apparently he can marry a few women.
He has just had an interview with Larry King on CNN.

Larry asked him how he manages to sexually satisfy twenty women.
He laughed and said "well Larry it's not just about sex". Yeah right.

Anyway if you had twenty wives could you cope with the constant nagging in your ear, all the time knowing that you could get laid from Monday to Sunday-24/7. I must admit after hearing his interview I cannot help but wonder about the fun that jammy bastrd has on a weekly basis.

Larry asked him if he ever has orgies. He laughed again and avoided the question. I don't personally agree with religion yet if I had to choose-then a Mormon I would be and I would have a house full of twenty wives.

Then I would sit in the shitter with my paper thinking about which one I would sevice tonight-or maybe two or three at once. The possibilities seem endless.

Could you live with that-I really do think I could.

AAAhhh to dream

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