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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 20, 2006.

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  2. Untill a man is placed in another's boots at the exact time of an incident there is no way he can judge the other actions...................
  3. Thats not an excuse for killing unarmed civilians! (if they did, innocent until proven guilty)
  4. Wasn't excusing anyone's actions - merely stating that I wouldn't be judging, not being in posession of all the facts and not actually being there at the time......................

    but, it's piqued my interest now, so......

  5. To be honest what really happened is fairly irrelevant now. The insurgents strategy of using the USMC as their recruitment agency is working well. After all, I'd stake my money on the locals and the wider Muslim world perceiving this as yet more innocents murdered by the USA. If the Marines prosecute then it's proof that the US are bloodthirsty killers, if they don't it's a whitewash and proof that the US are bloodthirsty killers.

    I do have a lot of sympathy for the soldiers on the ground, it wouldn't be the first time that the locals have set up an incident designed to make the US cause civvy casualties. Their reactions to incoming are fairly predictable and you can't put down a large amount of auto weapons fire in a populated built-up area and not expect civvy casualties.
  6. You've rested my case for me............
  7. Any chance of a pop at the US and our Russian pal sergy is always there .
  8. There were similar cases in Chechnya. Colonel Budanov killed Chechen lass (he got 10 years and now in the jail). He detected a photo in her house where the girl was depicted with a sniper rifle in the hands. Previous day two his soldiers were killed by unidentified sniper.

    War is war. It is sometimes a dirty business.,8599,1174649,00.html
  9. And how do you know that sergey ? you got dirty hands ?
  10. '...The military has classified the 15 victims in the first two houses as noncombatants. It considers the four men killed in the fourth house, as well as four youths killed by the Marines near the site of the roadside bombing, as enemy fighters. The question facing naval detectives is whether the Marines' killing of 15 noncombatants was an act of legitimate self-defense or negligent homicide....'

    '....But the military stood by its initial contention—that the Iraqis had been killed by an insurgent bomb—until January when Time gave a copy of the video and witnesses' testimony to Colonel Barry Johnson, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad. After reviewing the evidence, Johnson passed it on to the military command, suggesting that the events of Haditha be given "a full and formal investigation."

    I found the'TIME' article very interesting. The fact that originally the USMC were saying all 23 had died in a roadside bomb( and not shot) is odd. It seems that 8 were insurgents (if you take the view of the marines after the fact) and the rest Non Combattants, some of which were either children, pensioners and several female. I am not suggesting that none of these groups can never be terrorists...but it will be very hard to justify their loss to families and the local population. It is a tragedy and will just help feed the flames of anti American sentiment.

    I have great sympathy for any soldier/marine on the ground that has to make quick decisions...but when one is wrong then there should be a price to pay or at least a trial/open inquiry.
  11. What the fück is your beef, paveway_3?
    With remarks like:
    you're doing nothing but emphasise your own inability to adapt to a changing world.

    I know Sergei is sometimes provocative and straight to the point, but we should make a special effort to accommodate all aspects and views on ARRSE. Otherwise we'll just become another British (and if you've any experience of them, you'll know what I mean).

    Anyway, dear Sergei, thanks for your contribution! :D :D :D :D :D

  12. Here here!

    Vive la difference!
  13. How unusual, an ARRSE thread that goes off topic and gets personal..................
  14. I have a right to post on ARRSE as much as the next man , my issue is people sat in armchairs
    giving the rights and wrongs of the Iraq situation . Its up for disscusion of course , but when people
    just contantly post the same anti-US anti -war threads it wears a bit thin .

    Most of the posters on ARRSE talk about a conflict that they could not possibly know anything about .
    The USMC is a fine fighting force , i served alongside them on TELIC 1 so i do know . To come out with
    comments like ''War is a dirty business'' when you have never been in one grips my sh@t .

    Thats is what my ''beef'' is pal ! If however people post things based on experience and not on what they
    see/ hear in the press whatever their side of the fence , well fair play .

    The yanks are getting a hard time up country in Iraq , dont think for one minute us Brits would get it any
    easier. I am sure US forces dont go out of their way to kill innocent civilians , however it does happen and
    when the insurgents are using civvies as cover/shields to get at coaliltion forces, these very unfortunate
    deaths will occur .

    We are dealing with an enemy that has no concept of morals, they dont care about anybodys life , for them
    to see the death of any westerners is there sole aim .If they get killed in the process , they go to allah .
    We deal with Sergey and his posts . I am a soldier so you will have to put up with mine , until next month
    when i go out there again . What will you be doing this summer ???????