Winning heaqrts and minds

Or to put it another way, would you use cous cous or mashed potato when eating a dead goat-abuser having roasted it on a fire made from its beard-hairs.
I think the method you tried was to cook it with wine (white and red), ale, and brandy.

You clearly, however, forgot to cook the alcohol off.

Though, to keep with the eastern theme, I would use cous cous personally Ciggie.
My aim is to please, but sometimes I hit those funny chemical cubes. They taste fucking awful, somebody once palmed some off to me as new blue Kendal Mint Cake. Mint? Cheating bastard, it tasted like Fabris
Plastic broker and cookery tips.Truly outstanding.
I changed job now mate. The only plastic and brokering I do is "brokering" your bird's cnut with her plastic cock.
Suck my balls. I'm the pissed one now you cnut. <3 x

Ciggie, you clearly live near me! I was told they were Rennies. Cheeky bastards. At least we both managed to get home and post on Arrse before they dry bummed us.
Actually I'm on an extended holiday at the mo, to a place where they do more useful things to plums than turn them into prunes. Went for a slash the other day in a 'pizzeria' and found sliced lemon in the urinal. I was sorely tempted to pick a couple of bits out and drop them in the exs' g n t
That's 30 sec of my life I'm never getting back.

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