Winning an AFCS & GIPs


6 weeks ago I won my AFCS tribunal at the 3rd attempt (it got adjourned twice because the SPVA lacked evidence). My award was upgraded from a Level 13 to a Level 11 injury. I latter learned via my RBL rep that I am now entitled to a GIP. I did not even know what one was until I googled it after leaving the court room. All I know now is that I am awaiting a letter from the SPVA detailing what my new award will be. I know they have 6 weeks from receiving the official findings of the tribunal to issue the letter or appeal the result.

My question is what will the letter contain? I am still serving so I will not be entilled to a GIP until I leave, however this could be the perfect reason to regain my freedom. I was wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation? I have googled it to death but I would much rather hear from an experienced person rather than some badly written government guidelines.

Also if anyone else is thinking of going or about to go to a AFCS tribunal please feel free to ask as I have sat through 3 due to the SPVA incompetence and would be more than happy to share my experience.


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