Winner Mong photo comp

vvaannmmaann said:
Thats very small.Can i make it more biggerer?
I made it bigger. Low resolution unfortunately.

I now have doubts it's a true appellation controlée retard. Looks like a baldy geezer having a snooze with a tell tale red walloon, perhaps stolen from a passing window licker while it was distracted by a 99 cone. A long chase may have followed hence his tiredness.

Despite the flabby appearance retards are surprisingly agile creatures with great stamina, they are capable of grizzly like dashes. One can find oneself treed or having to waste a whole 16oz can of 10% OC spray if not careful. In practice I find it's best to simply burst the walloon after a few minutes of taunting rather than prolong the sporting situation. The beast will then cease its pursuit and pleasure itself with passing wildlife.
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