This is nothing to do with the Blue Badge of Courage...

Given that:

"Brown Wings" are for a "Breach of the back doors"

"Red Wings" are for an "entry whilst painters and decorators are present"

"Jelly Wings" are for "Pleasuring someone who laughs at their own shadow"

"Metal Wings" are for "Use of WD 40 for a ladies wheel chair"

Anyone got any others?
"Wings to bear me over mountain and vale away;
Wings to bathe my spirit in morning’s sunny ray.
Wings that I may hover at morn above the sea;
Wings through life to bear me, and death triumphantly.
Wings like youth’s fleet moments which swiftly o’er me passed;
Wings like my early visions, too bright, too fair to last.
Wings that I might recall them, the loved, the lost, the dead;
Wings that I might fly after the past, long vanished.
Wings to lift me upwards, soaring with eagle flight;
Wings to waft me heav’nward to bask in realms of light.
Wings to be no more wearied, lulled in eternal rest;
Wings to be sweetly folded where faith and love are blessed
Green Wings, otherwise known as Catterick Roulette.

Shagging a person who has the pox.
Yellow wings - For dabling in the delights of the Eastern lady... Japan, China or Hong Kong, and not from Noriwch Ipswich and Lowestoft