Does anyone know where i can either download a copy of wings or buy a copy. Myself and my other halfs internet searches are not proving fruitfull. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D
Malariadup said:
I've been hunting for a Wings mp3 for ages as well, come on bandies there must be a link somewhere.
Do you want 'Band on the Run' or 'Live and Let Die'?

Ben: "Wings? Who are they?"
Alan Partridge: "Only the band The Beatles could have been."
apparently someone we know has it on tape so if we get it watch this space and i will email to any one who wants it. P.S. not me who wants it husband has plan to place it on his mobile!!!!!!

Lets us all know if you manage to get it in MP3 format, i wouldn't mind putting it on my phone as the ring tune as well, been looking for something different for a while now.