WINGS- What you have got and how you got them.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 29072010, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Was having a discussion in the office today about the wings you get for various sexual conquests and there are a fair few a had not heard of or endulged in.

    We discussed the obvious brown and red wings. One that I hadn't heard of was orange wings, which are earned by sleeping with someone that has or is eligable for an orange disabled car badge.

    So what wings have you earned or aspire to earn and what wings do think should be introduced?

    For those of you that have been collecting wings pull up a sandbag and tell us how you qualified for them.
  2. I qualified for my "brown wings" the other night with a very obliging young lady from Windsor!!
  3. Blue wings - said conquest must have a blue rinse to qualify
  4. Did she done a strap on and bum you?!
  5. is that like "don" ?
  6. Paul McCartney only has one wing:)
  7. 20 Stone Wings - Does exactly what it says on the tin - got :cry:

    The Half Wing - For services to amputees - got and it took me far too long to figure 8O

    Purple Wings - Joint Services - has anyone not got? :wink:

    Purple Rupert Wings - See above - still a work in progress :roll:
  8. Oh I have my Rupert Wings :) She's still serving, and I'm not going to name her.
  9. No you madman,

    Blue wings is necrophilia
  10. I suppose as I started the thread I should share.

    Purple wings- got
    Purple rupert wings- got although the Navy bloke that I did to get the above has just got his comission so he counts for both.
    Orange wings- although I have only just discovered this apparently I qualify as I fcuked a lad that had two broken arms and a broken leg all in casts.
  12. I thought orange wings were for Gwar???

    Or is it rusty
  13. Ginger Wings?

    Brass Wings - for shagging another blokes missus?
  14. Golden Wings - For those that like their showers at roughly body temparature and smelling of the post office on pension day. Got :) I think, does commercial count?