Wings on rank slides

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by metplod, May 20, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to a few soldiers yesterday in London, and noticed that one of the NCO's had a rank slide with para wings on the front of his combat jacket.

    A closer look showed that the wings weren't quite the same as ours and when asked, the wearer stated that they were Dutch wings, and rather than sewing a load on all his gear he had invested in the slides.

    Turns out they were TA, although not from an airborne unit. A few bods from the unit had previously done the NATO course in Texel, and were allowed to wear the wings on their combat jackets, but not on the arms.
  2. LONDONS perchance? I've seen a couple of London Jock NCOs in the past wearing Dutch Wings on their chests but no Brit ones. I'd be suprised now that their getting Guards PSIs if this sort of thing was allowed to continue.
  3. Anyone can do this course. It quals you for Dutch wings, it costs about 300 euros. If you're in the British Army you can wear the wings above your name tag, not on a rank slide. Alot of TA do the course cos its just the jumps (Military Static line) and you can do it in Green kit if you want to Walt it up. If Regs did it then their CO would probably tell them to fcuk off and do P Coy first so they can wear both sets of wings
  4. Just Google TEXEL
  5. All this covering your uniform in badges is a bit "boy scout" for me. If you've done the jumps course, all well and good, you have my admiration! Wear the jump wings with pride. But foreign jumps courses, you can do them but what's the point in wearing the wings, unless you want to look like Walty McWalt. Same with all other badges for me, I've seen RLC Sgts wearing three chevrons above a tank transporter embroidered underneath!!

    Give me strength! What's wrong with standard kit? It can be made to look smart!
  6. (Quote) Run_Charlie

    Sgts wearing three chevrons above a tank transporter embroidered underneath!!

    What the Fcuk is the British Army coming too.. :?

    PS- Note to ones self...Must get all the vehicles on my FMT600
    Embroidered onto my DPM Rank Slides... :roll:
  7. TA are subject to the same mat regs as the regulars, no brit wings no foreign wings. The only difference it would seem is the quality of their Officers and SNCOs (inc PSIs) in allowing such abuses.
  8. Brit Wings are allowed.
  9. I think whatley meant that if you have no brit wings you can't wear foreign wings.... Which is the way I understood it should be.
  10. It is a bit Baden Powell. Was not the idea of CBT 95 originally that it be worn unencumbered by lots of different types of firelighting and housecraft badges?
    but then who would know you were so clever if you couldn't show it off?
  11. H3

    H3 LE

  12. I believe the Tank Transporter badge is issued as a specialist qual, as crossed flags, swords, rifles, etc are!

    But Being an Infanteer qualified to Wear Flags, Rifle, AT badge I wear none since C95 came into being. I was led to believe that the only things other than rank and Bde/Unit flashes were Wings/Dagger if awarded and Ammo Tech for RLC EOD and Bomb for RE EOD.
  13. I thought that you COULD wear Flags, Rifles and Swords on the Rank Slide?
  14. Read through Queens regs - you can wear ALL awarded foreign mil qual badges at the units COs disgression (one at least)....

  15. In the 1980's one of our rifle companies (3 Royal Anglian) did the French Commando course and they were all allowed to wear their badge on smocks/jackets.