Wings of the Apa.. Lynx.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TA_sig, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Oh dear!

    Who was that with a 7 Air cav badge on? If it is an exchange Spam having a wee go on Lynx then fair enough. However, if someone is putting badges on their kit then that is very sad!

    Still miss messing around in one though!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great Vid boys! Goooooooo the COYOTE'S!!
  3. Not bad who was the chick though
  4. In the middle of the film with the two soldiers knelt down arn't they armed with M16's? So probably a Spam having a go
  5. Suitably cheesy production...well done the Coyotes.
  6. Well spotted Rusty!

    Thought it might have been some newly qualified sky god thinking he was in the NAM! (Cheltnam usually).................

  7. Nice vid, Guys. Good to see my old mob can still have fun.

    'Machen Wir' indeed!
  8. great vid, shame only the music was in balance !
  9. Look on the inside back cover of the Journal. ;)
  10. Quality video, fully confirms what I want to do when I actually join the real world. Any way to down load it? I'm a bit of a computer spac, see.
  11. Cant get into the video yet, my broadband has suddenly gone very narrow!!!!! God, how I miss the Squadron. We had an amazing bunch of guys down in the Falklands in 85, everyone worked together to produce outstanding results, and all led by the whispering jock !!!

    Better go or I'll start crying into my single malt (Irish of course).
  12. The Sqn was split in two for the tour. Between BLMF and Sarajevo.
    That was the BLMF one, here's the Sarajevo effort..............

    669 Sqn Command Flight

    I also have the unofficial groundie drinking vid too. If anyone's interested i'll upload it.
  13. Wow, that vid almost makes Hot Refuelling look as sexy and thrusting as it does in the classic 'Hot Refuelling' video (copyright 1986, available in all good retailers).

    Go wing mong go.
  14. "Remember, they're not called choppers for nothing!"
    Wonder if he's still alive?