Wings anyone? No, you don't need to be able to fly......

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Queensman, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. How will these authorised Walts get by at the bar of their Mess? Doubtless they will squeeze themselves into a set of overalls covered in badges for Happy Hour and chips. One can just see them now, lounging around in the anteroom with the top buttons of the Service Dress undone, waiting eagerly for the word to 'scramble' to come blaring from the Tannoy, 'oh no, Ginger's bought it; slipped and fell off his swivel chair.....'


    The first deskbound drone pilots get their RAF wings - Telegraph

    What do Army drone pilots get? Again, our drone pilots are 'men' and the Crabs will doubtless only let officers earn these prestigious awards. Have the Crabs no ******* shame?
  2. It's already been done.

    Like you I'm too lazy to look for the link.
  3. Ah! Sorry - I did have a cursory look but nothing jumped out at me, so to speak.
  4. "Binky's gone for a watercooler chat" doesnt have the same ring
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  5. Urgent message to Her Majesty, send reinforcements, the natives are revolting. GOD SAVE QUEEN VICTORIA.

    On a serious note, is there ANYONE from today's PlayStation generation who ISN'T suitably qualified to fly one of these things!
  6. Is this a ploy by crab air to have as many pilots as possible so they can be in as strong a position as possible when the next defence review comes round and recommends : "Bin the RAF, they are a complete waste of everybody's time and cost too much cash."

    Edit to the above: I would suggest transferring all Helicopters to the Army and everything else can go back to the original owners, the RN, but seeing as the Army hasn't got enough men to go around as it is, and the RN still haven't got any big flat things to fly whatever the hell they are eventually not going to purchase it seems totally pointless. Soloution? - Just let the Americans do it for us, or the French as they are closer. Not the Germans though, history shows they only have 20 minutes of loiter time over London.