winged dagger?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by christinarina, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi fellas,

    Ok, I'm sorry for gatecrashing but I'm researching my grandfather's WWII service history and trying to identify his medals - thought someone on here might be able to help?

    I know he was in the RAF and was on the Ark Royal when it was sunk by torpedo in 1941 (survived) and I have a fantastic old photo album and loads of newspaper cuttings, dance cards and letters.

    I also have an official order from the King of a mention in despatches - I've found out what that is (and a couple of oak leaves so presumably more than one mention in fact?) but gather I'm unlikely to be able to discover the circumstances warranting the mention?

    Amongs his badges and medals is also a silver pin or badge - a dagger with wings extending horizontally - is this of a any significance or just tat?!

    Obliged for any comments, helpful or otherwise - Lots of posts on here v. funny, wasted loads of time at work chortling to myself over the contents!

    To all those serving and served - much respect to you.

  2. Hi, can you post a photo?
  3. You should be able to track down the awards, have you trawled through the London gazette for the dates mentioned?

    The badge/ pin in silver? post a photo on here there are many knowledgable folks knocking about.
  4. Christina - hang on to all of the memerobilia. The Imperial War Museum may be interested in using some of the info for some exhibition or other or just general interest (they may borrow long term or take copies if of sufficient historical value). And you are correct on the Oak Leaves, he probably was Mentioned more than once and the Campaign ribbon may indicate where, when or in which Theatre of Ops he was Mentioned.

    Piccies of the badge in question would be most helpful.
  5. I am sure you have already searched about why the RAF were on HMS Ark Royal in 1941.... but they were probably involved in maintaining the aircraft that were being delivered to Malta during the siege.

    HMS Ark Royal, British aircraft carrier, WW2
  6. Oh, thanks guys - impressed by the quick response, I only nipped out for a sandwich!

    I have a really rubbish photo of the pin but I'll go take a better one tonight. As for uploading it, that's another matter - I'm useless with all this tech but I'll have a go - would be great to identify it. I will check out the Gazzette too.

    My mum did allow some aeroplane mag to publish a load of photo's he'd kept - some years ago. We have quite a few boxes in addition to the album, they really should be on display somewhere, I'm sure some would appreciate them. I particularly like the dance card and the letter from a comrad commenting on his "drop in the drink".

    Would I be able to get details of his service history from the RAF?

  7. Thanks for that barbs - I have paperwork promoting him to flying officer but I understood him to be an aircraft engineer and my mum always referred to him as being "on loan" to the Navy. I've checked out some on line articles about the sinking and operations out there but I'll check out that link too.

  8. If you have his Service Number it may unlock Alladdins Cave.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    There was only one fatality during the sinking of the Ark, check out Mike Rossiter's excellent book "Ark Royal" about his rediscovery and filming of the Wreck, a story that made a great film in 2004

    A German newsreel showing RAF ground crew working on Ark Royal ,date unknown

    YouTube - HMS Ark Royal (91)

    U81 Capt Fredrich Guggenberger in Italy after the sinking

    YouTube - U-boat that sank British Carrier Ark Royal Returns to Port

    The return of the crew to Uk

    ARK ROYAL CREW HOME - British Pathe
  10. Thanks for the replies- you chaps are great!

    No, no snakes or bullets - it really is a dagger or a sword - I'll try and upload a picture tomorrow. I don't have the service number on any paperwork here but must have something at home, I'll check that out.

    Thanks very much for all your interest so far, I'll check out the footage as well.

  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

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  12. No Jim - the wings go across the sword/dagger on the horizontal rather than rising up vertically if that makes sense!
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The more information you can give us the better,you'll be amazed what we can find out

    An example