Discussion in 'Cookery' started by k13eod, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Don't know if this has been done before but I think it might compliment the cookery forum?

    So what gems have you discovered and what have you found to be "unfit for purpose"?

    I recently returned from Georgia and was pleasantly surprised to find a nation of poets and wine makers (no wonder they ran like fcuk from the Russians!). I came home clutching a bottle of Teriani Valleys 'Mukuzani' dry red and 'Kindzmarauli' semi sweet red. Top quality and highly recommended:

    Come on then ... recommendations?
  2. Aldi do a nice Rioja for 1.99

    Edited to add: Comes with a screw top so no trying to push the cork into the bottle whilst sat on park bench bemoaning lack of corkscrew.
  3. A friend gave me some Algerian wines the other day - unfortunately I didn't get the names but the are fantastic.

    For a light white a Turkish Kavaklidere Cankaya is good value.

    St James Winery in America - unless you add sugar to treacle - is pony.
  4. I had Mukuyu port in zimbabwe a few years ago. great stuff it was - although it did make a muck-e-me and some other people the next morning.
  5. Anyone who has visited or plans to visit the Balkans, a Good Bottle of the Red stuff is highly recommended, the Montenegro Red Wine - Vranac, Pro Cordem has been produced with helping the heart in mind with a high level of prothoanthocyanidol hence marketed as being good for your heart, it's a very thick red wine and a lot of people here recommend it during the Winter (a Glass a Day for the Heart side, not a Bottle or 5 :wink: )...

  6. Some delicious wines in South Africa and particularly from the Western Cape town of Darling:

    And consider the browny points of not only presenting your loved one with a quality bottle of plonk but also with 'Darling' written across the label :D
  7. Buzbag from Anatolia - I drink it for the name alone!
  8. I shall expect a bottle when we next meet :D
  9. I am an avid reader of the Jane McQuitty's wine column in the Saturday Times and my house is stocked with her recommendations! At the budget end, Tesco's own claret is extremely good and only £2.98. McQuitty recommends keeping all supermarket wines for six months to a year to let their flavour develop. I have a case in my cupboard under the stairs and am starting to stockpile for Christmas. Another good cheap wine is from Waitrose: Cuvee de la chasse (red) and also £2.99, I think.
  10. A couple of years ago I had the honour of visiting the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment in Laudon for a look at their EOD/Demining capability. I was presented with 2 bottles of Legionaire plonk and all I can say is that the bottle was interesting, the contents not so :)
  11. RED: I know Calafornia is not famous for its wines, but they have a fine Zinfadel called Pepperwood Grove, its has a very slight vanilla taste and it goes well with most red meats! Only costs about £7.

    WHITE: I'm still working my way through the Marlborough Valley, all good so far! Isabel is cheaper than Cloudy Bay and far nicer. Sainsburys do a good Sancerre for around £6.

    For a nice budget daily tipple, the Chilean Carta Viejo, Red and White, are both underrated.
  12. I quite like a tipple of the Macedonian "T'ga Za Jug" (longing for the south)
    wine when Im in the Balkans.
  13. Of course! but just the one, surely not!!!

    Interesting with the link to the Foreign Legion Wines, they have their own Vineyard and veteran Legionaires work in the vineyard, not sure if any can work there or the injured/retired?!