Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Auld-Yin, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This weekend when doing my monthly shop at Tesco I came across a wine which is fair to middling and costs £4 a bottle. It is French Cotes du Rhone, good strength at 13% abv and is quite easy to swallow.

    My point is that this company are supporting the Royal British Legion and state that a donation will be made to RBL for each bottle purchesed with a minimum of £30,000 guaranteed in the 1st year.

    The wine is French Connection Classic and comes in both white and red.

    I have to say that I bought the wine before reading the donation blurb on the label so this has been a bit of a bonus for me. Reasonable wine with donation to a cause very close to my heart.

    Assuming that this is genuine support for RBL, and I can't see how it can be anything other than that, may I suggest that if you want a bit of red to wash down your dinner, then give this a try. You will have a reasonable drink IMHO, and RBL will get a donation. The bottles have the poppy symbol on the neck and reverse labels.
  2. As great as the idea of the donation to the Royal British Legion for every bottle bought; can you not persuade some other country to use their wine for said Charity as at the moment we are not exactly a French loving Nation and I suspect a lot of people avoid anything French, even though their wine is the bollocks! Sir Arthur Wellsely and his mates had the pleasure of capturing tons of the stuff but that has no doubt run out especially due to the fact that he held a Waterloo commemorative dinner every year after until he passed away! Down with the Froggies and their "awesome" wine and bring on the Aussies with their Jacob's Creek etc. I for one avoid Froggie Produce like the plague, if our BRITISH BEEF isn't good enough for them then why should we indulge in their Wine!!!!! personally a drop of Vranac is the chosen wine as it is produced with heart helping additives only unfortunately it comes from Montenegro!!!!!
  3. RedMist, your fashionably anti-French remarks could have brought down the err red mist here, before I noticed your praise for Vranac! Totally agree, a very pleasant variety, and much better value than Croatian products which although I like them are way over-priced these days, even in-country.

    Safeway imported Vranac for a while, but stopped buying it in around the time of the Kosovo war in 1999. One of best Vranac labels is from "13 Jul" vineyard.

    Anyway, good idea to have a decent good-value wine which carries a donation to RBL. Thanks for the tip Auld-Yin.
  4. Hackle, Thanks, I should have said Vranac, Pro Cordem (for the heart) as there are 2 varieties, a shame it didn't take off in the U.K. it is very heavy but great for Winter nights! I agree about the Croatian wine! there is actually good wine produced in Bosnia's Hercegovina, Domanovici and even better private wine and Slivo if you venture into private vineyards around the Citluk area on the way across the mountains towards the Dalmation Coast!
  5. Thanks RedMist, good tips. I must try those B-H wines when I get the chance. I will now go off and nostalgically plunder my diminishing supply of loza.
  6. Hey HAckle, how long ago were you in Boz? I have a decent Loza in the fridge right now! much betetr than Slivo!!!
  7. Made a 1-day nostalgic visit to Mostar and Sarajevo during recent hols in Croatia.
  8. Where in Croatia did you go, bledy marvelous place and what about the chicks now on the coast!!!
  9. RedMist

    1 week Dubrovnik (predictable, but was great actually) and 1 week doing the islands as far as Hvar and Korcula.

    Changed days indeed from Divulje bks etc, not that I was ever there for long.