Wine prices set to rocket!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. The end of the cheap bottle of plonk............
    Having being converted in recent years to the fast acting results of two bottles of Red Wine (In comparison to 10 pints of bitter) I am unhappy to hear that my weekly wine buying expedition in ASDA will become more expensive!

    No doubt it will give restaurants a good excuse to bump their wine prices even higher. :cry:
  2. Nnnnooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    <falls to knees, tearing remaining hair with one hand and gesturing the Heavens with the other>
  3. Drink Cider.


    Quantity not quality!
  4. The appearance of that drink and her expression tells me that she is drinking p1ss, not cider.
  5. Is there no end to the list of organisations/people trying to screw our last few pennies out of us?
    At least until now we could get drunk and leave the planet for a few hours.
    Can we blame this on muslims?
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What a load of cr@p!

    As usual its rip-off time in the UK.

    I can never understand how wine that is comparatively expensive to produce in OZ or the US, plus shipping charges, can undercut European wine.
    Over production in France is a big problem as farming gets more efficient. Every year thousands of litres are not bottles and are simply distilled to alcohol for other uses - and some of this is really good stuff!!!

    Get in a van, drive to France (not the north where the brits usually go), find a vineyard in Bordeaux or the Rhone or anywhere and fill up with 3 quid/5 euro wine that is considered to be medium price range in UK (= 7-8 quid bottles).
    If you want whites head for the Vosges/Alsace - I can give you some pointers ;-)
  7. Home-brew! You know it makes sense.
  8. That looks to me a RE urine sample to me.
    Cartons are the way ahead the snobs can pay through the nose for a CORK. What is more you can open them without the use of a corkscrew although I have done that with a bit of string in the past, needs must what? :wink:
  9. I find that some "screw tops" are quite decent :wink:
  10. Quite! who needs cork, that is so ungreen, all those cork trees being chopped down to bung in the end of a bottle that can not be opened with a special tool????? The screw tops and cartons have it!!!! :salut:
  13. Sir, while I always appreciate a man with a palate, I must disagree with you on one small point.

    Personally, I think Bordeaux soil is used up. French soil in general, actually. I tend to find the product over-tended, over-bred, and flat as a pancake. Even their "good" stuff is safely meh.

    I do like Rhone wines because they're much more raw and chewy, but even that doesn't really pack the punch I like. There are a few small wineries in Mendocino, CA with cabs that will knock your socks off...but unfortunately we'll never see them here. The evil scientists Gallo have leveraged their mass production power, and now I know people that think Blossom Hill is good wine. So I'll go with Rhone, or settle for Spanish plonk.

    So...what about English wineries?

  14. Ha ha ha ha............grapes in england are eaten with cheese or given to people who are ill in hospital. Any english wines would no doubt come in at well over £10 a bottle anyway. We want cheap good quality wine :D
  15. I just make my own. Rice and raisin, but a bit like whiskey :)