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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Gundulph, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone a link to a company that can deliver personalised wine gifts within a day or two of order, preferably one you have used yourself so you know they are genuine and their products are quality?

    sign up to bbcgoodfood website you can get £40 off your order, but i think you have to spend £100 however they do next day delivery if you are quick for a fiver there is a timer on the website that lets you know how long you have left.
  3. I have found Virgin Wines to be excellent but you may have to be a member, which I am ( All their wines are excellent (no quibble returns policy) and they send out by Courier. I have sent several gifts, mostly cases but some Champers, and have always had fantastic service.
  4. I had six bottles of Merlot delivered for my Birthday, it had a smashing label on saying:

    [align=center]HOUSE RED

    My son did it through Interflora, the wine was excellent.
  5. Many thanks for this, a great looking selection so I have placed an Order, also E-Mailed them and told them I was recommended the site by a member of the Army Rumour Service so they may ask me who if they give discount etc.

    Thanks again, I particularly like the fact they will resend an order that is stolen if they leave with a neighbour or in a hidden place and it gets Half Inched! 8O
  6. no problems glad i could help lol they think of everything don't they hehe

    edit: just to add tell them the local wino nicked the first batch lol
  7. They are for my Mother and I did actually start the day by trying to order personalised bottles through Interflora but got to the Checkout page and it stayed there loading for half an hour before I closed it and tried again only to get to the same stage and same crap all over again so binned it...
  8. on a side note i pressed your button on your sig have purchased a coin :D
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    How about this site:

    Vintage Port, etc

    I have used these guys for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary - so what better than a case of port vintaged in the year of their wedding?

    Easy to cross the idea over to your nearest and dearest birthday as a gift.....

    Just a thought.