Windsor Davies - RIP

Have been watching my **A*int half hot Mum** DVD'S and actually think the series got even better after Bombardier Solly Solomon ,(George Layton)) left. His wiseboy character doesn't really cut the mustard,though it's probably dated..:oops:.
Don Estelle had a particularly tough time. Ill health and the lack of BBC repeats kept him out of a good living. I saw him selling his album in the Arndale centre Manchester in the late 80's. Ironically young comics loved him. Harry Hill and the League of gentlemen both gave him work and were pretty star struck.
Same----- Wee guy in Arndale Wandsworth a couple of times.
Best Sgt Maj Williams I ever met was Ships WO2 on one of the LSLs---he was RCT,and laid down HIS law as soon as we got onboard.
At first we thought he was a dick(this was 1978,C coy + attached ranks 40 Cdo Rm Mediterranean trip)
I recall he drank fruit tea.

When we left his care,he was presented with a plaque and a big cheer for being a thoroughly great bloke and leader by the RM bods.
0A has a teddy bear that Windsor gave her as a small child. He lived next door to 0A's grandparents in Wallington, no doubt getting Gunner tips from his neighbour.
Ran into his grandson in Banstead last week - passed on my condolences. George said that he went very peacefully in St Helier, with family around him, which is all one can ask.

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