Winds of change?

In one of the recent issues of the Times I noticed the following little piece hidden away and wondered if it is just bluff and hot air or perhaps a new way of thinking towards intelligent procurement...

The Times said:
Minister orders arms review
By David Charter

LORD DRAYSON has marked his controversial appointment as a junior Defence Minister by ordering a review of the £6 billion-a-year budget for arms and equipment.

A White Paper at the end of the year will focus on the vexed question of when the taxpayer should buy British, especially as many arms companies are multinationals.

Lord Drayson, the pharmaceutical millionaire and Labour donor appointed after the election, said that he wanted to ensure that British industry kept its expertise to supply the Armed Forces. This follows a row over the decision to award a £800 million contract for jet trainers to the British-based BAE against Treasury pressure to consider foreign manufacturers in Italy and South Korea.

British companies argue that they need government investment to keep engineering expertise up-to-date on national security grounds.

Lord Drayson, whose appointment was greeted with nervousness because of his lack of experience in Whitehall, admitted yesterday that, before he took office, “I’d never been in the Ministry of Defence in my life”.,,1-2-1736291,00.html

All seems to make sense to me, and the last bit shouldn't concern to much. As I understand it the British form of Government is to bring in ministers to have a common sense point of view to the issues of the department they're assigned to with the Civil service providing expert information to aid the process.
Unless your perm sec is Sir Humphrey Appleby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get onto armynet from this comptuer, however if BAR 136 is on there included within it is a rather excellent piece taken from Christopher Jary's guide to working with ministers. It gave me a lot more insight into the Government in simple language. Also included in said issue is a reference to Arrse by the Editor so it can't all be bad :D.
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