Windrush Scandal

Five years seems steep for scaling a cellphone, might the journos have accidentally omitted part of the story ?

Also how is guilt decided in the UK these days, court of law or friends and family ?
It was probably a knife point robbery to get 5 years and he probably has lots of previous convictions starting from an early age. Which is probably why he has been unable to get British citizenship unlike his siblings as he couldn't demonstrate 'good character.'

The thing is, what happens next? Will he realise that he has dodged a bullet and keep his head down from now on? Or will he think that he has now got a free pass and carry on with a life of crime (which he didn't do obviously)?
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How is he a Windrush victim when he arrived 20 years after the bloody boat?

Windrush was in 1948 he arrived in 1967
One could also point out that "originally from India" isn't, "originally from the Caribbean" hence...not "Windrush" in any way,shape or,form. A 'Chancer' !
If he couldn't get a job because he had no passport why didn't he apply for one?
From the article.

I had asked The Home Office to issue me a passport several times, as far back as the 70s, but they always said no. Disgustingly, they issued me one straight away in 2018 when the scandal broke.”

Which seems to raise more questions than it answers.


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My 85 year old Dad sailed on the Empire Ken to Malta in 1956 during his National Service, can I put in a claim for racial something or other? They served soused herring in the Bay of Biscay, which I believe is considered a crime against humanity.

WTF? Is somebody having a laugh?
Just when I thought I'd heard it all along comes this statement.

"He told parliament that the Department for Transport was investigating whether the anchor from the Empire Windrush, the ship that brought about 500 people from the Caribbean to the UK in 1948, could be raised from bottom of the Mediterranean near Libya to become a monument".

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