windproof trousers

I have got my self a pair of windproof strides and i am getting fed up with the way that they fasten up with the cross over straps

can anyone recommend me a way of altering them so that they are more like a normal pair of trousers to do up?


You mean you have salopettes?
indeedy sounds like salopettes to me!


I know what you are on about. I have seen some that have the buckles taken off with velcro used instead on the straps to make it quicker to adjust. They are a pump design though with button fly's too. I never used to wear mine they look waltish. Sell em on ebay as 'sas trousers' and buy a set of old school jungle bottoms. Quick drying and hard wearing.
SAS issue windproof trousers, design based on a 1940's design used for shorts and jungle tousers in khaki and green.

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