windproof smocks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DB_Cooper, May 13, 2010.

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  1. I'm after a new windproof smock and my mate has just bought a new one for £50 so i had a look at it , to be honest it looked and felt a bit suss to me the material was very light and did not look very hard wearing, but it had the correct NATO sizing label inside.

    so just wondering if theses are a new type of smock, because it felt like a cheap knock off to me

  2. My old windproof was light, and felt "thin" but was issued,

    It was thin enough for the 2 RB44 batteries, that exploded in my face, to turn it into swiss cheese in seconds.
  3. I've just sold a new arktis windproof smock for £80.

    £50 sounds a bit cheap to me but thats just my opinion
  4. I was issued with an Arctic Windproof Smock and trousers when I deployed to the Falklands in 1982 as an attached person with Major General Moore's Headquarters. Yes, they do look a bit thin and when issued new, came with padded liners similar to the Mao Suits, but during my deployment in the South Atlantic, I never felt the urge to wear the latter as the smock, worn over a wooly pullover and shirt, was sufficient to both keep me dry and reasonably warm.

    I still have mine nearly 28 years later and wouldn't sell it for a Grand, never mind a paltry £50.
  5. I bought one, second-hand (albeit as new), for a piffling 25 quid from Marcruss stores in Bristol a few months ago. I love it - when I was up in the Himalaya recently it really kept the wind out, and at the same time its so light and baggy that it doesn't feel hot to wear in anything under 20 degrees C. I've not worn it in really heavy rain yet, but it seems to keep showers out too.
    I've often wondered how different the material is, if at all, to cotton ventile? It feels and acts the same, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper.
    Do you guys out there bother using proofing agents on yours? I just used a steam iron on it, as per the instructions on the label.
  6. Totally different to ventile. Its called 'cotton modal' in the windproof, which is a gaberdine type material. When new they have an odd chemical smell about them, which is a form of water resistant coating. This wears off very quickly, but the material is so thin, it dries fast. Ventile has a higher thread count and is woven in a paticular way. Even this needs proofing to keep you dry and gets very stiff when wet. SASS do some good smocks and thier green and tan versions they have now are made out of a very high quality cotton from the States which is highly water resistant, more so than the old issue windproofs.
  7. Too expensive ;)
  8. DB,
    There are two types about.
    The first being made from gaberdine (old style, very thin material with no zips on front of it or rank slide). This was replaced with the thicker type which has zips on the front for extra pockets, a small recco reflector pocket on the arm and rank slide in the middle of the chest ('them' get issue one similar but has zips behind lower pockets for extra E&E internal loading and mesh liner to trap heat).
  9. And there was I thinking that my fleecy lined pockets were purely to keep hands warm...
  10. everybody knows that 'them' are way too nails to need their hands warming up, and the fleece is there because E&E kit needs to be kept warm to work properly.

  11. I purchased this smock a few months back from lansdale

    The arktis windproof one. Turned out to be a decent buy, cost £80 with a bit of discount, being serving and got the VAT back being in a BFPO.

    The only issue I have with it is the hoody can be a bit of a pain in the arsse sometimes though. All in all though not a bad smock, and lansdale are pretty rapido with delivery, arrived in the falklands a week after I ordered it.
  12. SASS my favourite :)

    Seriously good bits of kit in ventile. obviously a little pricey but I don't think they can be beaten