Windproof Smocks

I am on the hunt for a Windproof smock and am somewhat loathed to pay outrageous sums for it. Any pointers as to where I could get one from, preferably New as opposed to grade 1?



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Try here...

Thats cold!
If it has to be new, you're looking at £100.00 for a basic model, if you want a full-spec model with rank slides, knitted cuffs, extra pockets etc, you wont see much change out of £150.00 I'm afraid. :(
Right here goes.....

Arktis - No longer made in the UK, even if they say it has been (to define made in the UK, all that has to happen is that 5 x changes are made to it in the UK!)

SASS - Made in the UK - But you will pay for the quality

BCB - Made in China, with NSN Numbers

Webtex - Made in China with NSN Numbers

The SASS Kit Carry Smock and the Arktis "Kommando" smock follow the same design, and are about the same price, but with the SASS one, you can have it modified to your spec.

BCB and Webtex both have Windproof Smocks for sale, RRP of about £49.99 inc Vat.

I have an SASS Smock, cost me about £160.00 but then I have had it now 10 years, and apart from replacing the cuffs, its lasting very well.

If you want to know any more page me.


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There's an article in Feb's Soldier Magazine, which says you are should be able to buy smocks etc through the QM for a cost of £36.00

At least that's what the answer appears to be saying - but there appears to be a bit of 'but...' which actually say you can't.

In fact if anuone can tell me in what way the Col answered the question I'd like to see it. Perhaps he should be an Nue Arbeit Spinmeister.
Good to see the army running along its usual sensible lines. If I'm reading this right what he is saying is 'yes, we agree. We could give you all windproof smocks which are better but then we'd get Mike Jackson and all the paras and booties getting shirty (excuse the pun) because they wouldnt be the only ones wearing gucci kit.' :roll:
Cheapest option is to get a hood sewn onto the issue CS95 Jacket. Avoid Knitted cuffs as you can't roll them up a couple of turns to aid cooling when doing phys in it. The issue jacket thus modded becomes a good piece of kit (As tours in NI and AACC will bear out) as the zip chest pockets are so usefull.

Hope this helps
I notice the c95 smock comes with button holes which kind of suggests a hood is available, but the only hoods I can find are the older pre ripstop pre 95 variety with button holes ( the older smocks used to have button on the collar ISTR) anyone ever seen one ?
Yes, there is a ripstop hood available for the CS95 field jackets. Have seen so tis true. Try eBay. My issue with them is not the lack of a hood (which most will end up not using anyway but it's nice to have the option) but the comfort of the collar which tends to rub on the neck when worn long periods of time.
Used to have a store full of 'em...nice windproof trousers, goretex before it was on general issue, norgy shirts, arctic socks (an unofficial currency), berghaus bergans, peak stoves. :twisted:

If you know anyone in 3 Cdo Bde i suppose you could ask him to P1954 himself for one.

oh yeah, and the hood's not for wearing... :p
You're going to have to fork out mate.

You can get unissued genuine windproofs, including the modified type with the slotted buttons and flap for a headset, from John Bull in Catterick Garrison. They sell the trousers too.

Smocks: £79.95 only on the website.
Cheers All, ended up going for Silvermans, at 90 notes for your trouble. Then saw John Bull... kick in the knackers!! Ordered from Silvermans across internet on Sunday, requested 10 day delivery (£3.99) and it turned up on the tuesday. Actually quite impressed.

Having just spent a very cold week on exercise and changing the thread slightly, what boots would people recommend. The search for the perfect boot goes on.
Quite happy with my Proboots; add a pair of Arctic sox and my tootsies have still to feel the cold

Bit sweaty in hot weather though........

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