windproof smocks - old vs new?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cokecan, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. wothcha,

    i was wondering if arrsers could help me out on a 'which one should i get' query...

    being a sad, fat old man i've taken to rough shooting, and to facilitate this i was thinking of getting a windproof smock of the kind i lovingly remember from the early nineties - light, comfortable, quick drying etc...

    however, i find that there is a huge range of 'windproof smocks' on the market - the type i vaguely remember: four bulgy pockets, wired hood, thin, light, quick drying and pretty weatherproof, (smock, combat, windproof, arctic(?)) and a much cheaper, much more widely available version (smock, combat, windproof, woodland DP) with four pockets, two zipped in chest pockets, wired hood etc... now, the latter version appears to me to be much heaver and thicker than the old version i was used to (unless alzhiemers is creaping in), and i was wondering if there is a significant difference between the two in terms of comfort, quick drying, wind/showerproof'ness'...?

    any advice gratefully recieved.
  2. The old one you and I know was in 100% cotton gaberdine. Well the ones I had in the early 80's were. The modern cr*p is a cotton/nylon blend. Can't comment on comparing them as I only knew the old ones.

    Then the pale DPM camo is more ally. And the simple 4 outside pockets , 2 inner and poachers ? All yer need son !

    Unfortunately the gaberdine ones don't wear well and are getting harder to find. A mint one went recently of ebay for over £200.

  3. Think you have answered your own question.

    Old was light, quick drying etc
    New is heavier, not so fast drying but is warmer.

    I still use my old one for bunny busting although its faded to hell now..infact, it looks like the new cam being issued in 'stan ;)
  4. to be fair the new standard smock is lighyearsr better than what was issued and if its just for bunny bashing
  5. The new ones are crap mate stick to the old ones, i havent worn the new one yet and that was through a Pl Sjt role at depot.
  6. I may be being naive... but huh?
  7. I looked at it when it was given to me, and then i looked at the crow wearing it and seen how my screws who wore it hated it, drew from the facts and made my assumption that its w@nk.
  8. IMOO it's a good smock/Jacket, it does the job, it's hard wearing and it's free.
  9. So true! :frown: I wore my artic windproof as much as I could get away with and black nasty was used to seal the holes from the inside of the pockets towards the end of it's life!
  10. I have an old and quite faded windproof smock and was wondering is there a decent wind proofing solution I could buy and wash in to my jacket making it, once more, windproof?
  11. I had an old school one too, but some pikey cnut decided they wanted it more than me, as Boxy says the new ones are hard wearing and a good smock, but the key word here is they are free.
  12. Fair enough.

    I have an old one (dad's) and a new style (issue), it does seem to me that the new fabric is a bit more hard wearing than the old stuff. Maybe it's just deceiving, but it does seem a bit more 'rugged' to me.

    The pockets are bigger and the Canadian pockets have got to be considered a win - especially in gloves the old style windproof buttons were a bit gash, and aren't sewn on to the best of standards. I guess people just enjoy sticking the little squares of sniper tape on. The zipped chest pockets are also a bit of a win. On the flip side, the ventilation of the old one is much better and it folds away much smaller. The new one practically needs a daysack to itself.

    I found my old windproof much better out on the det - it was comfier, lighter, and cooler; so for lounging around in a wagon or on a deck chair outside the tent it was spot on. But for the warry stuff I must say I used my issued newer one. because I did think it was a bit more rugged / hard wearing, but mainly because, as raised, it's free; and if you tear it on a bit of sharp metal or something you can go and give the QM the shredded bits of it and get a new one... free.

    Still, I find it funny that back in the days of the 95 Ripstop (with the little squares), everyone thought it was well ally to go out and spend £100 on the SAS smock, which was a more rugged material, and let's face it, the rolled up hood is all part of the look (even though it's never used as a hood). As soon as it went on general issue, "ah.. it's shoite!"
  13. Get with it - a Denison Smock - field Haute Coture
  14. X59

    X59 LE

    Want one to wear beating for the local shoot, but outrageous prices on walt bay.
  15. I still have 2 immaculate old style smocks, keeping them to bring out as 'ally' wear later!