Windproof Smock??

Can anyone shed some light on this smock for me please? I bought it on E bay and the chap who was selling it reckoned it was from the 1960's. However it has velcro and a large plastic zip on it so somehow I dont think its that old. It has a brown nylon liningthat seems to have a rubberised coating on the inside. The buttons are the large green ones similar to those on the Falklands Parka and the extreme cold weather liner. The material seems to be ripstop fabric.


Sadly there aren't any labels in it and not really any signs of there ever having been any. Several people have written names and units inside ie ZAP No 5/B4961 16 ADRA and then a chap named Boardman from 32 Bty 2 TP. Any ideas what these might mean? The hood has had a drawstring around the edge of the hood but it doesnt seem to be a wired one like the newer kit.


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Henry_Tombs Posted: 12 May 2008 13:45 Post subject: Re: Windproof Smock??


It looks like the one napier had nicked.....

I should know!

Oops, looks like I hunted down and killed the wrong culprit...

...Sorry Mr & Mrs McCann
Is the outer cotton or goretex? My PRI was selling a Gortex windproof & Goretex para smock in the early 1980s, but I don't recall who the maker was. They certainly had velcro and plastic zips, so those features go back a few years.
Its cotton, looks sort of Ripstop ish as well. I imagine it might be quite a hot item to wear as the lining is nylon with a rubberised backing to it. Any ideas about the patch on the shoulder, a black triangle with a small red triangle inside it?
I think it's an aftermarket (prob 80's/early 90's) Arktis type smock.

I don't reckon it's an issued item.
General Melchett said:
I think it's an aftermarket (prob 80's/early 90's) Arktis type smock.

I don't reckon it's an issued item.
I agree. Especially as i think you know more than me!

We've had a few similar items through the shop. None had issue labels, one label stated 'made in Cyprus', not seen one with the rubberised lining before. We did have a Para type Smock but with an attached hood Also seen a really fancy one recently, loads of pockets including SA80 mag size and a radio loop on the chest. Looked like something made for Ireland to allow the user to ditch his webbing. Sorry, no pics, and not SASS before anyone asks.
I used to have something similar before some thieving gyppo got at it, Silverman's used to sell a NI patrol smock.

Was it para smock type material with knitted cuffs, a hood, 3 x mag pockets across the chest and a pocket for a 349 size radio. Also had lower pockets with press studs like the para smock?
might be a choggi smock from cyprus the camp tailors would run up various types of smock to the users own tastes
I shall have to accept that as the definative answer then. Thanks, by the way, did you get my question about the hoods for the parka, middle, without hood?

I have yet to find any combat clothing that prevents me farting.


Hoods you say? You want some? I have half a dozen.

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