Windows Vista - Will You Buy It

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sven, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Vista has, at last, been released to the world but look at the system needed to run all but the most basic version (which is aimed at developing countries)

    1Ghz processor
    1Gb memory
    128Mb graphics memory
    40Gb hard drive
    Internet access

    And remember, this is just to run windows, if You want to enhance the running of Your programs You will have to invest in even more RAM.

    So, given this - who is going to buy it
  2. Most PCs are now coming with that spec, probably not 1gb memory yet, but most of the other specs are near if not already above those listed.

    To be honest, the majority of people (the geeks who already have a hugely over the top powerful computer, built solely for the playing of Unreal, besides) will not be buying Vista for a while anyway. If experience has taught people anything, its that any new products released by Microsoft will have more holes than a pair of fish nets.
  3. Too true, will be waiting for SP1 to come out before I go anywhere near it :crash:
  4. my thinking as well. no rush i have on just got XP to work.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but you don't need a top end PC to play unreal?
    To be honest the average non geeky person has those specs anyways unless your still living under a rock somewhere.
    Not very high specs at all to be honest.
    Do you want more fancy stuff to do? Then get the specs if you don't your stuck with XP.
  6. Don't you mean who will download it or buy it off the dodgy geezer at the car boot sale
  7. I probably won't upgrade any personal PC with it but if I buy a new one then no doubt...

    I've been running a virtual version of the pre-release software for a while now. The specs you list above is opting on the safe side, it will run on lesser machines.

    They expect over 100 million PCs to be running Vista by this time next year.

    If you like Windows then you'll like this, quite a lot of good ideas and improvements over XP.
  8. daz

    daz LE

    As you can see, i'm now ready to touch it :thumright: [​IMG]

    Otherwise no bloody well


    Ps, as for the specs, double them, then you might be in the ball park
  9. You wouldn't want to have to do any real work on a PC with a lower spec than that even with XP.
    I wonder what the practical spec you'll need will be for vista? Double all those numbers seems likely.

    It doesn't matter though, hardly anyone will personally buy vista, upgrading is far too much hassle for far too little gain. It will just start appearing on new PCs and over time will become the de facto standard.
  10. Brought laptop just before xmas so wont be up grading just yet dont see
    any need to .
  11. I'll be getting it, but then it's a free (ie - built into the purchase price) upgrade with my new Dell XPS PC.

    2048 MB RAM
    256 MB Graphics Card
    2.13 GHz Dualcore Processor
    320 Gb Hard Drive

    fast as wotsit!

    (OK - I'm bragging, but it will run Vista no problem!)
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Been running it for a month on a work laptop. Pretty good improvements but it has some issues with media. DVDs and music stutters and there is only windows media player to use that works at the moment.

    Quite a few programs are not compatible with it right now so a few patches are going to be needed to get old stuff working.

    I would suggest it is a nice to have upgrade but definately comes with issues at the moment so would wait before installing on a pc I rely on.
  13. RAM's not that expensive, but what a resource hog!

    Given that I think your question is probably moot. XP will be phased out and Vista will be all they offer to the home PC market.
  14. Fuck Windoz.

    I'm sticking with Linux. Macs aren't bad, look gucci too.
  15. Seem to remember reading somewhere that the software will remain the property of Microsoft, even when it's loaded on your PC.