Windows Vista problem

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Lancialfa, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Hey all,

    My laptop has just clunked it... it starts up, and runs up until the login in screen, whereby it just goes blank. I.e the screenshot shown below should be there, but its just a blank screen, although you can see the cursor.


    Its a shitter right near christmas, anyone got any ideas?

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Re-format it and install XP :p
  3. See if you can start it in safe mode, as it's booting press the F8 key. Then try rolling back to your last good configuration but only AFTER you transfer all your documents onto other media.

    If you can't roll back........... format and rebuild it with XP or Linux!!!! Vista is junk :)

    On a serious note..... click for trouble shooting
  4. your vista is locked, this happened to me when i first bought it, it arrived locked and i had to send it back to the shop to get unlocked, dont no what they done to unlock it
  5. Thats strange though, how would it lock, Ive been using it since may.......
  6. What part of Vista were you in prior to the lock?

    It truely only locks if you have a password assign to your username.
    It will auto lock if you have the 'ON Resume' option ticked in the screen saver.
    If your PC is frozen at the lock screen there may be a problem with your graphics i.e. driver problem or overheating.
  7. I used it, turned it off, then bingo I cant get back in...... it just goes to this blank screen..... :frustrated:
  8. did u tell it turn turn off or sleep/suspend?

    When you press yr power button is it set to sleep/lock/turn off.

    I know it sounds daft but have you entered a password and or checked to see if by mistake the screen output is set to external source?
  9. Do you have ERD Commander, or any other bootable CD/Media?
  10. How can i do that without actually logging in?
  11. Does your HDD light flash and can you hear the HDD being accessed?

    Reboot the machine and enter bios/setup check HDD is recognised
  12. for the screen try the fn button and the Fkey that has a picture of a monitor in the box
  13. The HDD light flashes and I hear it..... im now on the big blue screen with the following on the left handside:

    onboard devices
    power management
    POST behaviour

    which one would HDD be in, or am I in the wrong bit!
  14. There is no fn button... its a Dell Inspiron 1525
  15. gto thru each one in turn, the HDD is in system i think, but pay attention to the POST behavior one see what its settings are