Windows Vista - Getting the Media disk if you dont have one

* Edited to clarify, you must have a valid licence key already, the disk will work with any version of Windows Vista 32

I posted this in another post but I thought it was well worth adding it as a seperate post. This is for those people who dont have the actual Windows disk for their new PC or laptop, because the company you brought it off only supplied a restore disk or partition. Here is a way to get a disk for between £3 and £4 (site was in Euros when I tried)

Just found this, tried it and it seems to work, though i never actually went through with the purchase

"You can install any version of Windows Vista from this DVD providing you own
the right product key. You might want to get hold of a copy (32-bit or
64-bit version) if you only have Vista Recovery CDs. You can ONLY pay by
credit card!

1. Follow the link

2. Scroll down and click on "Buy Now"

3. Select "Windows Vista Home Premium"

4. Then "Choose Windows Vista Ultimate"

5. "Do you have a Windows® Anytime Upgrade disc?" - Select "No"

6. Remove "Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Ultimate" from your
shopping basket

7. Order the Windows Vista DVD for £3.32 paying by credit card
(AmericanExpress, MasterCard, Visa (Electron is accepted too))

Here is the post of the original original link

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