Windows system 32 file missing or corrupt!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dance_with_the_devil, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi Fellow Arrsers,
    Having just booted up the olde PC then popped out to smash in another cuppa, i returned to face this bloody annoying message on the screen.

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt


    It does say pop in the Setup CD-Rom, however i no longer have said CD.

    Q, Can i retrieve all my Docs on the Pc or will they all be lost?

    Q, Will i have to but a Restore disc and reset the bloody thing back to the factory settings and lose all my Docs and Data?

    Any help greatfully received.

  2. I had the same last year and the cause was IIRC was pulling out USBs without doing the 'safely remove hardware' routine, and some badly installed software. I had to start all over again and reload my OS and other software from scratch. Everything that had not been stored on disc or flash drives was lost (which wasnt much to cry about)
  3. New hard drive the last time i got one of them.......
  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me with my last computer, i couldn't get it to work again so i kicked it a few times and bought a new one . Not that i'm saying you should try this method too! :lol:
  5. Now I know this is not a tried and tested method but it did work for me, took bloody ages though.

    Switch of the power button, leave for 10 mins, switch back on. If it doesn't work, keep trying it until it does.

    I can't guarantee it will work for you but worth a go.
  6. Thanks for the input thus far.:)

    As i have no XP Recovery discs looks like a trip to the shops to purchase and restore the bloody thing back to start setting, thus loosing all data..ARRSE!! :twisted:
  7. Ah, Just found an old restore disc for my old Compaq laptop would that be of use in my Dell desktop?
  8. Woah there ! Stop right now !

    Two main options spring to mind to save your data.

    1. Borrow a mates PC and internet access, download and burn yourself an Ubuntu Live CD, stick it in the CD drive and let it boot up. This will allow you to access the HDD and copy your files to an external HDD, memory stick or whatever.

    2. Buy a new HDD, turn that into your boot disk then slap the original back into your PC and voila ! All your old files and more room.

    Edited to add: If your laptop won't take an additional HDD (some do, some don't) then get an enclosure kit and put it into there.
  9. An easier option...

    Get a copy of the XP CD and run a repair install

    This reinstalls the OS without formatting your data or apps.

    edit to add - Ubuntu is gay :wink:
  10. All good stuff guys,
    Anywhere on Tinternet to download the XP CD and burn off to use in the repair process?

    Cheers in advance

  11. Have you tried to get back into the system in Safe Mode?

    If you want an XP Disc I could post one to you

  12. Point to note; if you do go down the Recovery route then the keyboard will default to US English which may affect your ability to input the admin password depending on whether symbols have been used.

    Personally I would access the hard drive remotely, as other posters have suggested and copy the vital stuff across to a good drive before, or instead of, the recovery process. Nowadays you can just plug the dodgy drive directly into a SATA port on a good PC then reboot. After the "Which operating system" malarky the dodgy drive should come up as a data drive on the good install and the data can be copied across.
  13. Cheers Jim,

    PM EN Route..;)

    The site has lots of different os for free.

    Then do a recovery.