Windows on a Mac, how and what?


As much as it pains me I need to put Windows on my MacBook Air. I've not done this before so I don't really know what Windows software I'm supposed to be looking for as all the ones I keep finding are upgrades or labelled 'Pro'. I need to run a CAQDAS programme and I don't want to be spending a fortune, I just need something to run this programme. The Mac is capable of running Windows without any resource issues so I guess it's just a case of finding the right software.

I'll admit I'm a complete technical biff so if someone can help me out in Janet and John speak I'd be grateful!
"Parallels" I believe is the software you need. Parallels Desktop® 8 for Mac - The #1 choice of customers worldwide to run Windows on Mac

Macs are for cnuts, BTW. (not helpful I Know)

It's a while since I did this, but IIRC, you install Parallels, and then bang a Windows install on. You could try WineBottler to run your Windows app on the Mactard without actually installing Windows.

WineBottler - Run Windows Programs directly on OS X

Like I say, it's been a while since I did anything but swear at a Mac, so there may be more upp-to-date solutions out there.
Above is an option. Or below:

In Applications > Utilities you'll find a wee bit of kit called BootCamp. This allows you to divide your hard disk and install a copy of Windows on to your Mac.

You need a fully licensed version of Windows 7 (any iteration) to make the whole thing painless.

Windows 7

So yeah, you'll need that, and then this:

The Guide

Good luck. This way of doing it gives you two separate operating systems available when you turn the Mac on and hold the ALT key.
Just a thought; BootCamp option will be a no-go if you don't have a DVD Drive to plug in to your MacBook Air.
I use VMware Fusion on several Macs, (a MacBook Pro, and four Mac minis), to run equipment control software.

It's always worked perfectly for me.


Cheers chaps, I get all the parallels and BootCamp stuff (have a drive so no worries there), it's just the version of Windows I'm having issues with. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for which is a simple version of Windows that I can load onto my Mac to run the prog. Everything seems to be an upgrade or a pro version which is just confusing the piss out of me, any suggestions? I also have a student card (ho ho) to get cheap software from those companies that offer such a thing.
That's MS Office, not Windows.
But it does beg the question - does yer man want Windows or Office on his MAC? Why would you want Windows other than to run specific apps - if he's green Dii or similar will provide.
I have a MacBook Air running Windows 7 by way of Bootcamp, which was the easiest thing in the world to install (rtfm...). It really is no problem, so long as you have a licensed copy of Windows7 and a pendrive or Mac external dvd.
Extremely useful combination if you're a habitual traveller. Don't touch W8 with a bargepole, mind.
Nowt up with 8 - aimed at a generation younger than me though. Fast and not buggy so far.
Office for Windows is what you need, not for Mac. And if you like it simple, leave their 2007, 2010 etc rubbish alone, stick with 2003 or earlier. Better still, try Libre Office.
Nowt up with 8 - aimed at a generation younger than me though. Fast and not buggy so far.
I hate being told that my mind must be upgraded, especially by jumped-up stationery salespersons like Microsoft. I'd rather slaughter their women, children and cattle, fire their habitations and salt their fields. Bastards. Stick with W7 and 2003.


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a friend of mine has something like this on his mac to do his degree research reports. being 68 though he struggles with the equations to tabulate his results.

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