Windows Media Player..playing music...not a chance!


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Ok, so i turn my puter off as normal before going to sleep.
i awake the next day to find windows media player telling me
"there are no items in this library yet- The player is searching for digital media files in the background, click HERE to add files to the library now"

first thought is it's reset the folders it monitors for music somehow and just isn't including My Music for some reason.

Fair enough.

So i click HERE and add My music to the Monitored Folders menu.

Now before, it would automatically add all music it can find in the folders i add to the menu.

No more, it just goes back to the original window. I re-open the monitored folders window and theres nothing in there. Repeat the add folder process and still nothing..


The music is still on my comp, and i can manually go into My Music and right click-> play any media file, but even adding all the music as playlists isn't working, and it's a massive hassle having to open My Music etc everytime i want a different song.

Answers appreciated.



War Hero
you legend, thanks mate.

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