Windows for Warships nears frontline service

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. The Register - Windows for Warships

    Sounds familiar

  2. Not as embarrassing as not knowing where you are if your screen crashes.

    Chinagraph might be low tech, but it is robust and survivable.

    Anyway, I worked on a couple of Frigates last year and some of the kit on there was quite Gucci.
  3. puttin my nerd hat on for a moment. If they want a robust system, they should use UNIX. (Linux)

  4. I do believe that they do, just like ourselves.....but their version dies if you put a laptop lid down!
    We are indeed blessed (sort of)
  5. The author must be on acid. :plotting:

    Do you base that claim on experience? Surely a system is as secure as you make it, determined by the functionality you require. Remember training and support requirements too - lots of civvy companies went open source a couple of years ago but have gone back to MS because it's a known quantity.

    Unix/Linux has a squillion different flavours, so could you suggest which flavour you believe would be a suitably 'robust system'? And why?
  6. Does this mean that Mr Gates will become even more wealthy?
    Do the Americans use Windows based systems?
    Will we have to upgrade every 4 to 5 years just so we have latest operating system?
    Yours etc awaiting the Blue Screen of Death
  7. Now who told you that???? :shock:

    A lot of that article is factually incorrect but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story???
  8. Everybody! :yawnstretch:
  9. Microsoft's software always seems to have a disclaimer when you load it saying it should not be used in mission critical applications. Am I alone in thinking this is the case?
    I don't see why you would need huge computing power to run a warship anyway. Seriously.
  10. Command systems & weapon systems for a start. I don't think an open internet forum is the right place to discuss anymore.
  11. Great, so new terrorism front opened up, just send the RN a virus, and lo and behold the entire navy brought to a standstill! :crazy:
  12. I think you'll find that viruses are a threat across all of the MOD. Hence the need for what some perceive to be killjoy measures on the RLI.
  13. Me thinks you think anyone in the big wide world thinks the same or even cares. Alas what our masters think is different.
  14. I think you should learn to spell and grasp the concept of grammar.
  15. Sheer bloody luxury.

    First time I saw one of these new fangled computer things on a warship it had 1K of memory in a box the size of a telephone kiosk ("Integrated circuits have no place in a warship. They are too susceptible to electromagnetic pulse").

    The 'keyboard' consisted of 16 white flip switches with a red button at the end of the row. You 'programmed' the machine one bit at a time then pressed the red button to send your word to memory.

    As for the display - what display? The only output that could be generated was a hex dump of the memory to a line printer (like a laser printer except you needed ear defenders to stand near it).

    No surfing the internet during the middle watch in those days.