windows 8 refresh problems


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windows 8 does have a few bugs which crop up that can usually be fixed with a batch file or regedit but one of my machines crashes every time it resumes from standby - a common fault going by the internet.

so I figured I'd try a refresh - which whether done from the dvd or the desktop fails on 95%

I can reset it which wipes the lot and also removes media centre but that's not what I'm after. I macriumed the drive to restore it if stuff doesn't work or to go back after experimenting with it.

currently using linix to clone files off a live copy back into the windows partition to restore apps and programs similar to the windows.old trick.

the aim is to get it right then set up a custom refresh file for an easy restore in future.

any ideas gratefully received or should I wait a couple of months and see what the 8.1 blue update might do?
Wait for x.1 like every sensible person has waited for every single MS Windows release...


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well I enjoyed win7 beta then win 7 and played with win8 beta so was happy enough with the first run as its better than win7 sp2. just the usual non supported driver issues as the jump to win 8 has ruled more kit out since the jump to vista.

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