Windows 8 is a turkey - it's official

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Provost, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Microsoft prepares U-turn on Windows 8 -

    A bit more than a service pack, I think.

    At least Microsoft are consistent with their business model i.e. every alternate Windows OS should be rubbish.

    W95 - Poor
    W98SE - OK
    Millennium - Poor
    XP - Good
    Vista - Poor
    W7 - OK
    W8 - Poor

    Perhaps they could break the mould if they did the unthinkable andstarted listening to their customers instead of foisting unwanted features and bloatware on them and abandoning the features that are popular.
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  2. Got to say I like Windows 7
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  3. Its the law everyother Microsoft os has to be dog toffee.
    thing is I,m not really sure windows 7 does anything really better than XP its an operating system.
    Much like office 2000 does what 90% of users need doing in day to day office work anyway.
  4. Windows 2000? When's this one coming out? :)
  5. Oh yes. Forgot that one - but I've always thought of it as a 'business' rather than a consumer OS - a bit like NT or MS Server.
  6. Windows 7 is more than ok, it's excellent in home, gaming and office use.
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  7. I like 8. If you're prepared to put in five minutes to learn how it works then it's pretty good.

    Uses less resources than 7 too.
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  8. Windows ME, possibly the worst OS in history! They nailed it with XP and 7 is good.
  9. The reason I gave it a an 'OK' rather than a 'good' is because it is not very tweakable. Its 'Admin rights' setup is also over-complicated and quirky. I'm using it now and this A.M. it started firing up a virtual memory warning on bootup. (It was set to Windows management and always had been. I have had to configure the pagefile settings manually.)
  10. My windows are old and draughty, but I need them as bait for passing double glazing salesmen, protein doesn't grow on trees after all (nuts and avocados excluded)!
  11. I really liked Win98, was dragged kicking and screaming into XP, which was fine, and then into Win7, which is 64 bit so alot of my older programs refuse to run on it.
  12. I spent a couple of months researching Win 8, tweaking it and appraising it for a proposal for software deployment at the company I contract for.

    It's performance gain over Win 7 is negligible. Time taken to retrain staff would be expensive and it is not really suited to office use.

    It's a lemon, and until touch screens are more widely available it will remain a lemon.
  13. I think that it's the OS rather than the 64 bit. Most 32 bit software will run on 64 bit. It even gets installed in its own folder. If it will not work you could try running it under a different compatibility setting.

    I liked Windows 98SE but it was never quite there with USB total support.
  14. what happened to windows 3.11 :( ... still got the disks kicking around somewhere
  15. Microsoft would not row for shore in such a public way unless they had come to the same conclusion. It is the sort of thing that could get the CEO's arse handed to him.

    I think that Windows 8 shows all the signs of an OS that has been released as a desperate response to something else (iPad) when it does not really share the same consumer area.