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Windows 7

I've just got a new laptop with Windows 7.
The question is how do I transfer all my photos and documents onto it from my external hard drive?
I transferred them across but they ended up in a public library and when I disconnected the hard drive the pictures all disappeared.
Any ideas anyone?
Was leaning towards having a bash with a Mac. As most was mainly living on XP, worked briefly for a company 'trying' to run Vista, utter nightmare. W7 came out, thought that looks frighteningly like Vista, had a go, well pleased. Mac idea out the window for the moment, can't justify the cost for what I use a lappy for.


I've been running windows 7 for sometime now, and never had a problem transferring files from one location to another, external or internal.
Run it on my gaming/work machine, still has pathetic backwards compatibility, but has some nice user friendly features like sticking favourite programs to the task bar etc
open external drive to show files then click on ctrl +A at same time,allitems should be highlighted now.
press then ctrl+C

now open documentsfolder on new pc then press ctrl+V

that will copy everything from external drive to documents folder on new pc.
Look at the folder with all your pics in and iirc press control and they should all highlight than drag n drop, or i will come down your house and do it for you.........for a price
Another lazy-arrse question, just to hijack the thread a bit:

Is there any way to change the Win7 "library" view into an old-fashioned XP-style folder view where you can expand all the sub-folders? I understand that endlessly clicking on icons is Microsoft's favoured method, but its a pain in the arrse if you're trying to migrate data or re-arrange files.

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