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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Taffnp, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Any feedback, positive or negative ?

    Have been thinking of getting it, however

    A. My XP runs fine

    B. Vista was not the all singing all dancing OS we were promised

    C. Apparently if you purchase it, and are running XP, you cannot do a straightforward upgrade. You have to backup your data, format, install Win7 then reinstall your backups.
  2. Personally I won't be bothering to install it on existing hardware as I can't find a single thing that it offers over and above XP that's worth the money. If you can then crack on.

    There will be a performance hit relative to XP, whether or not you notice or are bothered is down to how much grunt your existing PC has and what you use it for.

    When I come to get a new PC though I'll get it as the default OS purely and simply as I like PC gaming. Then I'll whack on some flavour of the penguin for all my non-gaming activities.
  3. My PC is running at 3.15 Ghz and has 2 Gb RAM so zips along nicely. Just had a quick look at the clean install, as there is no provision to upgrade from XP. Looks like a pain, think I will give it a miss and continue using XP until they withdraw support for it. No doubt by this time MS will have launched Windows 9 or similar
  4. I moved to it on a clean install from Vista. Clean installs every year are a usefull exercise anyway, since windows does like to slow down with time and the crap it doesnt remove properley from the registry (even with a cleaner).

    Main reason I changed was that I wanted to use a 64bit OS and that meant a re-install anyway, so no loss in going to 7.

    Otherwise, depending on how much you can be bothered, it doesnt revoloutionise anything much, and if you are happy with what you have, then stay with it.

    On the other hand if you want 64 bit os and work more with VM's ( I imaged my old setup and run it now as a VM inside Win7 if I need anything from that setup) then Win7 is very good.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Very pleased with it, especially at student prices ;) , but would echo the advice of OoTS. Unless you can really justify it, stick with XP, as your next PC will come with Win 7.

  6. I currently have vista and cant get on with it, so if i get windows 7 how easy is it to load and will it get rid of the vists programme or do I need to get a wizz kid in to sort it out for me?????
  7. msr

    msr LE

    You can upgrade and not reinstall all your applications or do a clean install and you will.

    When you say 'cannot get on with it', what do you mean? The interface of Win 7 is very similar to Vista's.

  8. I done an upgrade from Vista ultimate to 7 ultimate. The upgrade went seemlessly. I'm very happy with 7 and would recommend it to anyone who's considering taking the plunge. ;)
  9. msr

    msr LE